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Anti-Fraud Metrics

This feature uses the predefined list of metrics that helps you to identify invalid traffic. Any event that matches criteria in at least one of the metric is considered to be suspicious. To learn more about those metrics, read the Anti-Fraud Metrics: Listing article.

Suspicious events, divided into clicks and visits, are presented in two columns for every campaign element and on every drill-down level. You can open detailed view to know which metrics have flagged traffic or try to drill-down into data to find the link between the suspicious traffic and a unique category what will allow you to stop it directly in your traffic source platform.

Checking Your Traffic

The Anti-Fraud metrics show you what portion of your traffic is considered to be suspicious. Traffic is divided in two categories:

  • Suspicious visits. Shows the percentage of visits flagged by at least one metric as suspicious.
  • Suspicious clicks. Shows the percentage of clicks flagged by at least one metric as suspicious. Clicks are visible only if you use landing pages in your campaign funnels.

If you do not see these columns, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, click the Columns button.
  2. Select checkboxes next to the Suspicious visits and Suspicious clicks column names to show both columns.
  3. Click the Save button.

Checking Detailed Traffic Stats

If you want to investigate more and see on what grounds traffic was identified as suspicious, you should check it for a single campaign or campaign element. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, select the campaign element that you want to see detailed stats for.
  2. Click the Anti-fraud details button.

  3. The Anti-fraud metrics for campaign element pop-up window will show up.

Voluum Note: Mind that the detailed view shows data that may be delayed up to 5 minutes due to processing requirements.

In the Details for campaign element view, you will find the actual numbers of visits and clicks that were flagged by different metrics. If a metric did not flag any event, it will be hidden from viewing. The events are flagged independently of each other, meaning that the same event might be flagged based on several metrics. Thus, the overall number of flagged events based on the detailed metrics might be higher than the total number of clicks or visits.

Configuring Metrics

You can turn select and deselect metrics to be used for checking incoming traffic. This can be done in the Anti-Fraud Console. Read the Anti-Fraud Metrics Settings article to learn more.

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