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Track Multistep Funnels with a Direct Method

As of April 2022, the direct tracking script for landers and offers and a conversion tracking script have been updated. The reworked version of these scripts brings the following benefits:

  • Tracking multistep funnels with many landers in the context of a single visit. This is especially useful for scenarios such as:

    • Store page and product pages
    • Sweepstakes and surveys
  • Cookies set in the domain of a lander or offer, which makes browsers treat them as first-party cookies that are not blocked.
  • Tracking recurring visits (so visits that come to the lander or offer within 24 hours of the initial visit without going through the direct URL). If you want to track organic visits that didn't come through direct URL at all, read the Track Organic Traffic article.
  • Tracking conversion with a script without the risk of disrupted tracking because of third-party cookie block.

All other aspects of direct tracking remain the same.

Voluum Note: Note that scripts that were implemented before 4-04-2022 (Lander tracking script) and 4-11-2022 (Offer tracking script) will continue to work but they won't support the above-mentioned benefits. We highly recommend updating the scripts to the new version for the best experience.

The scope of the change

The updated scripts support all types of campaign funnels:

  • Campaign funnel with a Lander. Campaign funnel:

    1. Ad with a Lander tracking URL that leads to a Lander.
    2. Lander page (with click URL(s) if no subpages are used)
    3. (Optional) Subpages that lead to a page with click URL(s)
    4. A page with click URL(s) which leads to an offer page.

    Read the Lander Tracking Script for Multistep funnels to learn how it works and how to set it up.

  • Campaign funnel with direct linking to offer. Campaign funnel:

    1. Ad with an Offer tracking URL that leads to an Offer page.
    2. Offer page that leads either to optional subpages or to Thank You page.
    3. (Optional) Subpages that lead to a Thank You page.

    Read the Offer Tracking Script with First Party Cookies to learn how it works and how to set it up.

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