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The Story So Far

Let's reiterate what will happen now: Your campaign is pending approval. Once your campaign becomes active, you start buying visitors. Each visitor bought will have a pop-up window displayed. If they decide to click it, they will be instantly redirected through Voluum to the offer page in Clickdealer. If they take your offer (make the purchase, sign up for a newsletter, install an app and so on), Clickdealer will send this information with a payout value to Voluum. Lastly, in Voluum you will be able to see what types of visitors are the most profitable. And adjust your campaign accordingly.

Your Day-To-Day Work in Voluum

Did your campaign just get accepted? is traffic flowing? Well, wait no more and go to Voluum. After all, that was the whole point: learn your affiliate work routine by running a campaign instead of only reading theory. In your day-to-day work you will:

Check your Stats: Sign in to Voluum regularly to check key metrics and react in case there is a problem.

Manage your campaign: Pause unprofitable campaigns. Increase your bid values to buy more traffic. Check your campaign visibility.

Dig into reports: Create specific reports to observe patterns and extract the most relevant data. Learn about your audience and how it reacts to your offer.

Look for other offers: Browse for different offers to advertise. Create more campaigns and scale up.

Do you have more questions? You can find some answers below:

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Question: Am I making money?
  • Short answer: if your campaign is highlighted in green then yes, you are making money. If it's red, then you are losing money.
  • Long answer: To check absolute numbers, look into the Profit column. But that number alone does not tell you the whole story. You should also ask about how much money are you getting relative to the amount of money spent. This is what the ROI (Return on Investment) metric is for. If it is a positive number, you are earning money. The higher this indicator is, the more effective in earning money you are.
    Note that this and any other metric, fluctuate. They change during the day-night cycle, during the course of the week and due to various trends and fashions that you can only have a vague idea about. This means that instead of observing a certain metric value and making a decision based on that observation, you should focus more on observing trends. ROI might be low at this given moment, but this does not mean that it will stay that way. The number of visitors may be low, but that is normal at night. And that leads us to the next question.

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Question: How can I get more money from my campaign?
  • Short Answer: Get more traffic by increasing a bid value. Buy higher quality traffic that will produce more conversions.
  • Long answer: Squeezing the most from your campaigns requires using different tactics that you will learn about during your career. These tactics make up the optimization process. And the goal of an optimization process, the ideal state is to connect the highest numbers of visitors with the most matching offers. So these tactics include increasing the traffic volume and quality, targeting a more specific audience, increasing the attractiveness of your offer by adding a landing page, directing your visitors to different offers based on their characteristics in order not to lose any traffic, and many others. Refer to thematic forums, blogs, and articles to learn more or check out our articles regarding best practices in working as an affiliate.
    Read the Optimization Guide article to know more.

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Question: Who are my visitors: what devices they have, what connection type they use, where do they come from?
  • Short answer: Click the Devices, Connection or Country / City button.
  • Long answer: If we would have to name Voluum's main feature, it would be: Reports. The main reason for setting up tracking is to capture various kinds of information and then extract it in the form of reports. There is no one report type that would fit all types of campaigns. You will have to discover how to pinpoint the most relevant types of data, which will allow you to make data-driven decisions. You can create specific reports and cross-reference different types of data to uncover hidden patterns or drill-down into gradually more detailed levels of data to see your audience on the most granular level. Go through our articles to learn more about reports.
    Read the Analyze Reports article to know more.

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Question: Is my campaign visible or I am not buying enough traffic? How can I buy more? How can I pause a running campaign?
  • Short answer: In Voluum.
  • Long answer: Once you have performed your PropellerAds and Voluum account integration, you have gained a possibility to manage your PropellerAds integrated campaigns from Voluum. You can pause and resume campaigns or check your campaign's visibility. You can still do all these things and much more from your PropellerAds account, but for basic campaign management, Voluum is enough. You can always read our articles explaining, in detail, all options that become available for you after the integration.
    Read the PropellerAds Full Integration article to know more.

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