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The Opt-Out Option

While using Voluum, certain information about visitors and their activities is collected and processed in the platform. Some of this information (for example, an IP address or a device ID), may identify a particular computer and be considered as personal data in some jurisdictions, including the European Union. That is the reason why Voluum offers you to set the opt-out option for visitors of your online advertising campaigns.

The opt-out option is applicable for end-users (visitors) who see an online advertisement set by you on the Internet. Both parts of the Voluum platform, tracking (Voluum TRK) and digital (Voluum DSP) advertising technology-based their solution by having introduced the opt-out cookie that, once set in the visitor's web browser, gives us information that a visitor does not want to be tracked with desktop and mobile environments.

Opting out of being tracked with desktop and mobile website environments is valid for at least 2 years for a web browser where the opt-out option has been set. The option can be enabled only for a particular web browser meaning that if visitors switch to another web browser, clear cookies, or use a browser’s incognito mode, they need to go through the opt-out procedure once more. When the opt-out expires, visitors need to repeat the same procedure again.

Besides, Voluum has recently updated the End User Privacy Policy that describes in detail how information about visitors and their activities is handled and processed in the platform. The policy is addressed to the campaigns' visitors and you can find it under the following link:

Opt-Out from Voluum TRK

The opt-out option for Voluum TRK applies on a domain name basis. This is a generic solution available for all Voluum's customers under the following link:


your_Voluum_domain_name is the name of the domain used for your online campaigns.

Because the domain name is set by you individually, you are supposed to prepare the opt-out link with the correct domain name and set it up to your visitors. If you use multiple domains for your online campaigns, you need to prepare the opt-out link for each domain separately.

The opt-out link can be available on your company's website or on one of your landing pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about Opt-Out? You might find the answer below:

Where do I find a list of domains I use in my online campaigns?

To find out which domain names should be set in the opt-out link, you can find a list of all domains assigned to your account in Voluum by performing the steps:

  1. Sign in to Voluum.

  2. Click the  icon (top right screen). General settings view will show up.

  3. Go to the Domains tab. All domains assigned to your account are displayed in the below sections.

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