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Offer Tracking Script with First Party Cookies

Offer tracking script is used:

  • In funnels without landers in between, so in the ones that link directly from an ad to an offer page.
  • In funnels where there is a lander and a user wants to track conversions using a Conversion tracking script. In this case, both Lander and Offer tracking scripts need to be used (in this scenario, an Offer tracking script sets a first-party cookie that will be read by Conversion tracking script)

Because this requires editing the offer's page, this setup is mostly used by offer owners.

Before April 2022, the cookie containing click ID was set in the domain used for tracking. This made web browsers to treat such cookies as third-party. Some web browsers on certain privacy levels block third-party cookies, what could disrupt tracking.

After the April 2022 update, this cookie is set in the offer's domain. This causes web browsers to treat this cookie as first-party, because this cookie is set and read by scripts in the same domain. First party cookies are not blocked by any browser unless a user specifically configured their browser to do so.

Moreover, this also enables you to put multiple subpages between an offer page and a Thank You page (a page where conversion is counted).

How it Works

When a visitor clicks an ad and activates the Offer tracking script, they are redirected to an offer page with an Offer tracking script in the code. The offer tracking script then sends a request to Voluum with visit information and saves a cookie with click ID information. This cookie is set in the offer's domain and it can be read by a new Conversion tracking script. Voluum will not count visits to subpages or to Thank You page as separate visits.

Voluum Note: Note that the offer page and a Thank You page, need to have the same domain. It doesn't have to be the same domain as the one used for tracking.

Voluum Note: In redirect campaigns, Offer only, with the use of a Conversion tracking pixel, include the {clickid} token in the Offer URL within the Offer form in Voluum. The token can be matched with any parameter name, for example,{clickid}.


A visitor goes from an ad to an offer page. The Offer tracking script is activated, and it sends a request to Voluum with visit info. Additionaly, it saves a cookie with click ID information. A number of visits in Voluum increases by 1. A visitor goes to a subpage of an offer and then to a Thank You Page. When the Thank You page loads, the Conversion tracking script is loaded. It reads the click ID from the first-party cookie saved by the Offer tracking script and reports a conversion to Voluum. This will all be counted as a single visit and a single conversion in Voluum

How to Set Up Direct tracking of multistep campaigns
  1. Add an offer page to Voluum and grab an offer tracking script. Don't add any subpages or a Thank You page to Voluum.

  2. Paste the Offer tracking script within the <HEAD> component of an offer page. Example:

    Offer tracking script

  3. (Optional) Set additional subpages between an offer and a Thank You page. Don't add them to Voluum.
  4. Add an offer a traffic source to Voluum as you normally would.
  5. Create a campaign and grab the Offer tracking URL.
  6. Submit an Offer tracking URL to your traffic source.
  7. Put the conversion tracking script into the <body> component of a Thank You page.
Conversion tracking

To track an own offer using a Conversion tracking script, the proper setup requires (apart from the campaign setup described above):

  1. Grab a conversion tracking script from Voluum's settings.

  2. Put the conversion tracking script into the <body> component of your Thank You page.

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