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Export / Import

To quickly and efficiently manipulate several elements at once, Voluum delivers the Export/Import feature. With just a few clicks, you can add or update up to 250 entities with different properties. Export/Import uses the CSV data format, so you can update all items in a convenient way working locally on your machine and using your favorite CSV editor. Once you finish editing elements in a CSV file, upload it to Voluum in a second. Do you need to change only some of those entities? Make your changes at once exporting the data only for selected items.


  1. Export/Import is based on CSV files that you are supposed to upload to Voluum, therefore you need to have an editor to be able to modify the CSV file. There are many such editors on the market, so you can use the one that works best for you.
  2. You need to have basic knowledge of CSV files: you need to know how to modify the CSV file to prepare data according to the template offered by Voluum.

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