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Secure Domain in a Campaign Funnel

An SSL certificate for a domain makes it secure and allows it to use secure (HTTPS) connections with other secure domains. Using a secure connection not only protects information exchange between servers but also makes it compliant with many modern web browser's requirements that visibly warn users about non-secure connections. Voluum recommends using secure communication wherever it is possible.

Using a Secure Domain in a Campaign Funnel

A secure tracking domain can receive traffic from a secure publisher's domain, send it to a secure landing page domain and to a secure offer page, and receive information about conversions from an affiliate network. However, if any of these domains is a non-secure one, it may cause problems in the functioning of a campaign funnel.

  • Many browsers recognize a redirect from a secure to a non-secure domain as a potential so-called Downgrade attack and block such redirections.


    If you use an SSL-enabled domain to host your landing page, but you have not enabled an SSL certificate on your Voluum domain, then a click URL on this landing page will direct a visitor from a secure (landing page domain) to a non-secure (Voluum domain) domain, which might look suspicious.

  • A redirect from a non-secure to a secure domain should not cause any problems, however this may change or may depend on various settings in web browsers.


    If you use a secure postback URL to receive information about conversions from an affiliate network platform that uses non-secure connections, then reporting should not be obstructed or blocked in any way.

Having all this in mind, we recommend keeping your campaign funnels consistent in terms of using secure connections or at least testing your campaign funnel thoroughly if you decide to mix secure and non-secure connections.

Voluum Note: If you use the conversion tracking pixel feature to report conversions to Voluum, you must use the same communication type as your "Thank You Page" uses.

Enabling SSL Certificates

In order to enable an SSL certificate, read the following documents:

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