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Exporting/Importing Landers

  • Import New Landers

    Save yourself time and stop adding items to Voluum manually. If you have already imported new offers, you can easily jump to Landers entities and upload them promptly. Bulk import enables you to manage the landers with all their properties making this process not only quick but also flexible.

    Creating New Landers in Bulk

  • Import Edited Landers

    You may want to edit many items at once in Voluum. Not only offers but also landers. As a part of the bulk import feature, you can update Voluum's landers changing their names, URLs, country property, or assigning to them relevant tags. It means that you can edit all of the lander's properties except a number of offers. Immediately.

    Editing Landers in Bulk

  • CSV Tempates

    Find out what is a structure of a CSV file and what information it contains.

    A CSV Template with New Landers

    A CSV Template with Edited Landers

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