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Creating a Campaign – Part 3: Tracking and Automizer

The TRACKING tab becomes available after you save the campaign destination settings. This tab contains all tracking links required to set your campaign running. Note that the content of this tab changes depending on the options you have selected.

  1. Select your tracking domain. By default, you will already have your main domain selected, but if you wish to use a different domain, you can change it here. All tracking links will then update accordingly.
  2. Copy the campaign URL to the clipboard by clicking the Copy button.
  3. Select a lander that you want to generate a lander tracking script for.
  4. Copy the click URL to the clipboard by clicking the Copy button. Read the Adding Click URLs to a Lander article.
  5. Copy the lander tracking script to the clipboard.

    Voluum Note: Implementing the lander tracking script to your lander is a recommended step for both methods of tracking. The details on how to implement it are below.

  6. (Optional) Decide, if you want to apply or create a new Automizer rule. Read the Rules article.

Once the campaign is approved in your traffic source and traffic is sent, you can start analyzing your campaign’s performance based on the large range of report categories available in Voluum.

How to Implement a Lander Tracking Script to Your Landing Page

This section instructs you how to implement a lander tracking script.

  1. Go to the landing page that you host externally.
  2. <HEAD>
    Lander tracking script

    Paste the Lander tracking script at the bottom of the <HEAD> component of your landing page's HTML:

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