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There are two ways to connect various platforms with Voluum:

  • Full integration. It uses a reliable API connection to fetch cost information even if a given platform doesn't support sending it via token, to control your campaigns in a traffic source from Voluum and to create automatic rules. Full integrations are a part of the Automizer feature.
  • Templates. It automatically configures all necessary tracking tokens and parameters to pass information via HTTP requests.

Voluum Note: To use full integrations, first add a traffic source to Voluum using a template, then integrate using the Automizer feature.

Full integrations

Traffic Source templates:

Social platforms templates

iGaming Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Network templates:


Tag Management Systems:


Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? You might find answers below:

Can I integrate Voluum with Google Analytics?

There is no way to easily connect Google Analytics and Voluum. You need to use third-party connectors.

Is it possible to is it possible to integrate Voluum with Snapchat via the Snapchat Conversions API (CAPI)?

Currently we don't have API integration with Snapchat.

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