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QuickStart a New Campaign in One Go

QuickStart is a feature that aims to familiarize new users with Voluum by guiding them through the process of creating the simplest campaign. This tool is self-served, which means that you will get all the necessary instructions along the way.

This document provides an introduction to the QuickStart feature.

Voluum Note: Please note that this feature is still in beta and the scope of features may be limited. QuickStart is only available for accounts created after April 2024.

What Does QuickStart Do?

We believe that the best way to learn Voluum is simply by using it. That's why we've designed QuickStart to help new users to create a working campaign in one go, without jumping between different screens.

You don't need to set up any offers or integration beforehand. You only need to have an offer URL ready (a link that is the destination for your users, so product page, sign-up page, etc.) and you can jump straight into QuickStart to create a standard functioning Voluum campaign containing:

  • One traffic source
  • One offer
  • Direct or redirect method of tracking

You will get a campaign URL at the end that you then need to submit to your ad network or put under your ad directly.

What are the limitations of QuickStart?

Since the goal of this feature is to familiarize new users with Voluum core functionalities, advanced options currently are not available within the QuickStart setup.

This means that with QuickStart you cannot create a campaign that has:

  • a landing page
  • rule-based paths
  • AI optimization

However, you can edit your QuickStart campaign later and add all elements and include all features that Voluum has.

Voluum Note: We are working on the development of QuickStart to make it useful for you. Feel free to leave us your ideas or comments through Give feedback button.

How to Access QuickStart?

QuickStart is available as a separate tab on a left-hand side of the screen.

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