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Modifying a CAA record

Sometimes a CAA record may prevent an SSL certificate from being correctly issued. If you have problems with getting an SSL certificate for your custom domain, try the solution below.

Voluum Note: This document applies only to users with the new custom domain setup that relies on CloudFront for domain handling. Read the Custom Domains article to learn more.


CAA or Certification Authority Authorization records describe which Certification Authority (CA) is allowed to issue a certificate. Since Voluum relies on Amazon for certificate handling, an incorrect CAA record set in a domain provider can prevent Amazon from issuing a certificate.

Voluum Note: This situation affects only users that already have a CAA record set in their domain provider's platform. If there is no CAA record set, domain provider should accept certificates from all Certificate Authorities.


  1. Go to your domain provider's platform and navigate to DNS settings.
  2. Edit the CAA record.
  3. Make sure that it points to one of the following addresses:
  4. Save the record.

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