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FAQ: Why should I use a Custom Domain?

To run high-volume campaigns, it is highly recommended that you set up and use a custom tracking domain in Voluum. Voluum's users, who do not use a Custom Domain, will be automatically assigned to either a legacy domain or the Dedicated Domain.

You need to keep in mind that the Voluum team does not take responsibility for what users run through the legacy domains, therefore there is a risk that the legacy domains may potentially get flagged by antivirus software, traffic sources, etc. Although the Dedicated Domains are only assigned to your account, still we encourage you to add the custom domain and next, set it up as the main domain in Voluum.

Voluum Note: If you have registered to Voluum on 1st of December 2017 or later, you will not see the legacy domains in the Domains tab. By default, the Dedicated Domain is assigned to your account and might be immediately used to set up your campaign funnels.

The legacy domains follow one of the following patterns:


and you can find them in the Legacy Domains section in the Settings > Domains tab in Voluum.

If the Dedicated Domain is already set on your account, in turn you will find it in the Dedicated Domain section.

  • To find out more about the Voluum domains and differences between them, go to the Domains article.Dedicated Domain, Redirect Domain, Legacy Domains, and Custom Domains
  • To see how to set up the custom domain to Voluum, go to the Adding a Custom Domain article.

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