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Scale up Guide

This guide provides clues, tips, and solutions for users that start to receive high traffic volumes and are struggling to manage this traffic. It is a direct continuation of the Optimization Guide.

What Is High Traffic Volume?

The number of visitors coming to your campaigns depends, among other things, on the type of campaign that you run. Typically, the traffic volumes are as follows in descending order:

  1. Pop
  2. Push
  3. Banner
  4. Native

It is hard to say exactly when you should read this guide. Probably around the time you:

  • Advertise in multiple traffic source platforms
  • Run offers from multiple affiliate networks
  • Have several campaigns running in different GEOs
  • Use and test dozens of landers

If that's your case, then this guide is for you. If you are not there yet, you can still go through this guide to learn and implement some solution at an earlier stage of your affiliate journey.

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