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Uploading conversions to Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads)

You can pass conversions from Voluum to Microsoft Ads by following the steps from the article below. This solution works for Voluum accounts that are integrated with Microsoft Ads. If you don't have the integration yet, read the Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) Integration article.

I. Create an Offline Conversion Goal in Microsoft Ads
  1. Sign in to your Microsoft Ads account and go to Tools / Conversion goals.

  2. Click the Create conversion goal button.

  3. Select offline conversion goal and click the Next button.

  4. Select the goal category and click the Next button.

  5. Provide goal name and set up payout options.

  6. Click the Save and next button. Your offline conversion goal has been created.
II. Generate the traffic source postback URL
  1. In Voluum, go to the Automizer tab and go to Traffic sources.
  2. Click the Generate button next to your Microsoft Ads (Bing) integration.

  3. Provide the name of your conversion goal. This has to be exactly the same name as you provided in Microsoft Ads.
  4. Click the Generate postback URL button.

  5. Copy the postback URL to the clipboard.

III. Set Up Your Traffic Source Postback URL in Voluum
  1. In Voluum, edit the Microsoft Ads traffic source.
  2. Check if Microsoft Ads' token {msclkid} is mapped under External ID in the parameters section. Passing External IDs of visits to Voluum is required in order to successfully pass back conversions to Microsoft Ads.

  3. Enable the Traffic source postback URL toggle and paste the postback URL that you have copied previously to the text field.

  4. Click the Save button.

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