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Lander Tracking Script for Multistep funnels

Lander tracking script is used to report a visit to Voluum with a campaign ID, so Voluum can attribute this visit to the correct campaign. Lander tracking script also generates the final click URL based on the campaign ID and its funnel setup. Without the script, the redirection to the proper offer under click URL won't work.

Before April 2022, the cookie containing click tracking parameter (cep) was set in the domain used for tracking. This made web browsers to treat such cookies as third-party. Some web browsers on certain privacy levels block third-party cookies, what could disrupt tracking.

After the April 2022 update, this cookie is set in the lander's domain. This causes web browsers to treat this cookie as first-party, because this cookie is set and read by the script in the same domain. First party cookies are not blocked by any browser unless a user specifically configured their browser to do so.

Moreover, this enables Voluum to track a visitor across multiple pages (for example, product subpages) within a context of a single visit.

How it works

The Lander tracking script has to be included in two places:

  • A lander (a page than a Lander tracking URL submitted in the traffic source leads to)
  • A page with click URL

You can put click URLs on your lander for the simplest setup. You then just have to put a lander tracking script on this one page.

You can use as many subpages between a lander and a page with click URLs as you want. You don't have to put a Lander tracking script on every subpage.

The way it works is that a Lander tracking script will report a visit on a Lander to Voluum. Voluum will not count any visits to the following subpages nor a visit to a page with click URLs. On the page with click URLs, the script will direct a visitor to an offer page and report a click to Voluum.

Voluum Note: Note that all pages containing the Lander tracking script: a lander and a page with click URL(s) need to have the same domain. It doesn't have to be the same domain as the one used for tracking.


A visitor goes from an ad to a Lander. The number of visits in Voluum increases by one. A visitor goes to the first subpage, then to a second one, and then to a page with click URL(s). When a visitor clicks the click URL hidden under a CTA button, they are redirected to an offer page and the number of clicks in Voluum increases by 1. This whole journey will be counted as one visit and one click in Voluum.

How to Set Up Direct tracking of multistep campaigns
  1. Add a Lander (so a page where you want to direct visitors from an ad) to Voluum and grab:

    • the Lander tracking script
    • click URL

    Don't add subpages or a page with click URLs to Voluum.

  2. Paste the Lander tracking script at the bottom of the <HEAD> component of a lander or apage with click URLs.

  3. Put the click URL(s) that you got from Voluum on a lander or other page that will lead to an offer or offers.
  4. (Optional) Set additional subpages between lander and a page with click URL(s).
  5. Add an offer and a traffic source to Voluum as you normally would.
  6. Create a campaign and grab the Lander tracking URL.
  7. Submit a Lander tracking URL to your traffic source.
Conversion tracking

Conversions can be tracked using one of the following methods:

  • Postback URL (usually used by affiliate networks as it requires a complex solution capable of launching postbacks)
  • Conversion tracking pixel (usually used by offer owners, as it only requires implementing script on a page displayed after a successful conversion, so-called 'Thank You' page).

Tracking with postback:

Tracking with postback requires (apart from the campaign setup described above):

  1. Passing a click ID value in the offer URL using affiliate network's own parameter name.
  2. Submitting a Voluum postback URL that will pass a click ID value back in an affiliate network's own token.

Voluum Tip: Note that if you have added an affiliate network element from a template, your postback URL present in the affiliate network form is already configured correctly and valid tokens are suggested when adding an offer URL in offer's form.

Tracking with Conversion tracking script

If user has both complex, multi-step funnel (clicks) or has recurring visitors, and promotes his own offers/products/etc., the proper setup requires (apart from the campaign setup described above):

  1. Pasting an Offer tracking script into an offer page's HTML.
  2. Pasting a Conversion tracking script (not pixel!) on your Thank You page.
  3. Passing a click ID value in the offer URL using any parameter name.

Additionally, both offer and Thank You page have to use the same domain.

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