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Plan specification

Plan specification view displays what is included in your Voluum subscription. Additionally, you can also purchase various addons and raise certain limits that will make Voluum more suitable for your case.

Purchasing an addon

Purchasing an addon or raising your limits in Voluum is easy. It requires you only to click either the Buy button next to the concrete addon or the ASK FOR A SPECIAL OFFER button. You will be directed to our sales team.

You can always click the icon next to an addon to learn more.

Plan specifications are divided into several categories.

Usage parameters

This section lists all the usage parameters, such as events or a number of custom domains available in your current subscription.


Here you can find details on a support level you are entitled to. Read more


This section lists various tracking options and features at your disposal. Read more


View or purchase features that present your tracked data. Read more


Save yourself a lot of hassle and manual labor with these automation features. Read more


The features listed here are aimed for increasing the efficiency of team-working. Read more


The Anti-Fraud Kit has been designed to help you combat potentially malicious traffic. Read more


Contains the two-factor authentication feature. Read more

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