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Voluum Mobile Application: Overview

Voluum offers you the opportunity to be constantly in touch with your campaigns by introducing the Voluum Mobile Application. When installed on your smartphone, it will bring the Voluum experience you know adapted to a mobile phone screen.



The Voluum Mobile Application is an extension of the Voluum reports feature.  Here is how it may benefit you in your day-to-day work:

  • Control data while being on the move.

  • Know what is going on at a glance after customizing your view.

  • Gather stats in one place and view them.

  • Manage your Zeropark and DSP integrated campaigns.

The Voluum Mobile application is free to use for all Voluum users.


Upon signing in to your Voluum account your data will be fetched and displayed to you. Find out what you can do:

  • Real-time data. View all your campaigns dynamically updated in real-time. Your data are presented using the same logic as in the Voluum web application, with division into different categories.

  • Synchronized reports. When you bookmark a report in the Voluum web application, it will be also viewable in the mobile application.

  • New reports. Create new reports with the same grouping and drill-down options as in the Voluum web application.

  • Customizable widgets. Create widgets in the dashboard view that display specific data from a selected report.

  • Integrated campaigns. After integrating your Voluum account with Zeropark and Voluum DSP, you will be able to pause and resume your campaign in the Voluum web and Voluum Mobile Application as well.

Learn More

To learn more about some of the Voluum Mobile Application features, read the following articles:

How To Install

The Voluum Mobile Application is designed for Android and iPhone user. Follow the links below to download an appropriate version to your phone:

Security and Multiple Sign Ins

When you sign in to your Voluum account in the Voluum Mobile Application, your mobile device will be listed as an authenticated device in the Voluum web application, in the Settings -> Security tab. You will not be required to provide your account credentials on your second sign in, unless you decide to delete your mobile device from an authenticated devices list.

If you use Two-Factor Authentication on your account, you will have to provide both your normal account credentials and a unique code from your authenticating app on your first sign in.

Voluum does not limit the number of devices that you can sign in to Voluum from.