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Voluum Tracking Tokens

The list below provides the complete list of all Voluum Tracker dynamic tracking tokens with a description.

You can modify values passed in these tokens using Token functions (for Profit pricing plan and above).


Voluum click ID value


Click ID assigned by a traffic source platform


External ID type


Token for passing click ID value to a traffic source with a postback URL


Offer payout value


Visit cost value


Campaign ID value


Campaign name


Traffic source ID


Traffic source name


Device type


Device brand


Device model


Browser name


Browser version


Operating system name


Operating system version


2-letter country code


Country name






Internet service provider name


Connection type


Mobile carrier


IP os a visitor


Referrer domain




Transaction ID passed from an affiliate network


Custom variables matched with traffic source's tokens from {var1} to {var10}

{var:variable name}

Custom variable name


Custom conversion event type


Cost of a conversion


Workspace ID


Workspace name


The ID of a path used in a campaign


Visitor's user agent


Tracking domain name


Referrer domain name


Postback time


Currency of the payout


Additional postback parameter from 1-5