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Security: Using Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is an extra layer of security to protect your account from getting hacked. When you sign in only using your password, your account is vulnerable to security threats. Within Two-Factor Authentication, you need to go through an additional step of verification by providing an authentication code generated on your mobile device. The six-digit code is only valid for a limited amount of time to ensure that your data is sufficiently protected. This article explains how to set and use the Two-Factor Authentication sign-in in Voluum on a daily basis.


Voluum Note: The Two-Factor Authentication sign-in can only be activated per user account. In other words, you can turn it on only for your account, even if there are other users whom you have invited to your Voluum account. If they want to authenticate with the authentication code, they need to set it up on their accounts.

I. Set up Two-Factor Authentication

You can set up the two-way authentication very easily by turning it on in the Voluum Security tab. In addition, you need to install the two-step verification app on your mobile device. Read the below information and next, follow the steps to set up  Two-Factor Authentication:


Voluum Note: Before starting setting up Two-Factor Authentication, you need to have a Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) app installed on your mobile device. The TOTP app allows you to generate a six-digit code that you need to provide while turning on the Voluum two-factor authentication. Once the authentication is turned on, the code is required to be entered every time you want to sign in to Voluum. To set up Two-Factor Authentication in Voluum, you need to download one of the following applications:

  1. Sign in to Voluum.

  2. Click the profile_settings.png icon (top right corner of the screen). Your account data view will show up.

  3. Go to the Security tab and scroll down to the  TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION section. The authentication status should be set to off.

  4. Click the Turn on button. The Two-factor authentication pop-up window will show up.

    1. After reading the information how the authentication process looks like, click the  Start button. You are redirected to the next step of the authentication process.

    2. Enter the password to start making the authentication changes. Next, click the  Next button.

    3. Scan the QR code displayed on the computer screen with the two-step verification application installed on your mobile device - the application should provide a six-digit code for you.


      Voluum Tip: If you cannot scan the QR code from your computer screen, you can always use a text code option. Turn on the Text code toggle switch in step 1. in the Two-factor authentication pop-up window and next, type the text code to the mobile application field.

    4. Type the six-digit code in the text field in the Two-factor authentication pop-up window.

    5. Click the Save button. The Two-factor authentication pop-up window will close.

  5. Two-Factor Authentication has been turned on in Voluum. Since then, every time you want to sign in to the Voluum platform, you need to provide the six-digit code from the mobile application.

II. Sign in with Two-Factor Authentication

Once you have turned on the Two-factor authentication option, you will be prompted to provide the six-digit code while signing in to your account. Perform the following steps to sign in to Voluum:

  1. Go to the Voluum sign-in page.

  2. Provide your Voluum credentials: email and password. Click the Sign in  button You will be redirected to a new page.

  3. Go to your mobile device, open the two-step verification app, and find the six-digit code.

  4. Provide the code from the app in the Voluum text field.

  5. Click the Confirm button.

  6. The Voluum view shows up. You have signed in to Voluum.

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