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(Beta Features) Traffic Source Integration


Integration in Beta version

Integrating Voluum and various traffic source platforms enables Voluum to exchange information between both platforms. The scope of information differs between platforms. This feature is still in the Beta version and may change prior to its official release.

The traffic source integration feature builds upon the standard setup and adds the option to automatically exchange cost and conversion information between Voluum and supported traffic source platforms.

The scope of this functionality is different for various traffic source platforms. Read the specific guides for each traffic source platform (provided at the end of this article) to learn more.

Cost Integration

Typically information about costs can be provided threefold:

  • Automatically, if a traffic source platform supports sending information about the cost in a token. This way every visitor's click on an advertisement carries also information about a cost (and some additional visit characteristics) in a campaign URL.

  • Manually, if a traffic source platform does not support sending information about the cost in a token. In that case, you provide a fixed cost value in a specific cost model. This way, every registered visit adds this fixed cost value to the total cost sum.

  • Manually updated, with the Manual Cost Update feature. In this case, you can upload your total cost at once using the information provided by your traffic source platform.

To learn more about tracking costs, read the Tracking Costs article.

Unfortunately, due to multiple factors that shape the final cost value that you pay for each visitor's click, some traffic source platforms are not able to send this information in a token. Previously the solution was either to provide an estimated cost value as a fixed value or use the Manual Cost Update feature to update costs manually occasionally. This all changes with the introduction of traffic source integration.

How Does Cost Integration Work?

With this feature enabled and set up, Voluum will periodically call traffic sources' API to ask about costs generated in your campaigns and update your stats with data received in the response. The first update starts with yesterday's data and from now on costs will be updated on a regular basis. Voluum will use a campaign ID as an identifier, meaning that only costs for campaigns that have Voluum's campaign ID in the campaign URL submitted to them will be updated. If you have other campaigns that you do not track with Voluum, cost generated by them will not be fetched.

This saves you a lot of time that you had to spend updating cost information manually and makes sure that your data is always accurate.

Rules and Limitations

Due to different methods of registering costs in traffic source platforms, the integration imposes some rules and restrictions that you should first become familiar with:

  • One-to-one integration: The most important rule is that you can connect one campaign from a supported traffic source with one Voluum campaign only. Connecting two traffic source's campaigns with one Voluum campaign or vice versa will prevent the integration feature from working correctly.

  • Report granularity: Integration with traffic sources does not necessarily match the costs of every visit in integrated platforms, but merely updates the total cost generated by each campaign. That causes the cost to be accurate on a global report for a campaign level only. The more you dig into specific reports for different elements and the more grouping or drill-down option you apply, the less accurate costs will be in this detailed view. Cost values that you will see in the specific report will be estimated.

  • Historical data: The integration feature will not fetch cost that is more than 1 day old. From the moment of activating this feature, it will update yesterday's cost and will keep updating cost every short period of time, but there is no option to reach for cost generated more than 1 day before launching the integration.

  • No visits: In order to correctly update costs, you need to have at least 1 visit registered in Voluum for a given campaign. This may happen if you do not configure your campaign funnel correctly and visits that have occurred in those traffic sources are not registered in Voluum. Voluum is unable to update costs information for a campaign that has no visits.

  • Same campaign URL: Cost information can be synchronized only if you provide the same campaign URL for each creative in Taboola. Taboola gives you the option of submitting different campaign URLs for each creative within one campaign. Such campaigns will be ignored when asking about cost information.

  • Roles limitation: Note that, if you have the Collaboration Tools feature enabled on your account, the integration process can be performed by an Account Owner or Admin only.

  • Dollar campaigns: Note that only campaigns that use dollars as their currency will have their costs synchronized.

Traffic Sources

The following traffic source platforms can have their cost information integrated with Voluum: