(Beta Features) Integration


Integration in Beta version

Integrating Voluum and various traffic source or affiliate network platforms enables Voluum to exchange information between Voluum and said platforms and control campaigns from within the Voluum interface. The scope of integration differs between platforms. This feature is still in the Beta version and may change prior to its official release.

The integration feature builds upon the standard campaign setup and, depending on the level of integration and type of a platform, enables Voluum to do some or all things listed below:

  • Fetch cost information for a given campaign or for every custom variable. You can get cost information even if a traffic source platform does not support sending cost information via the standard cost token.

  • Record conversion information with additional data points. You can get conversion information without using the standard psotback or pixel methods.

  • Get campaign status information for a given traffic source. You can see if your campaigns are running or if there are problems with them.

  • Send conversion information to a traffic source. You can enable your traffic source to get information about conversions and payouts.

  • Pause or restore a campaign or selected custom variables. You can work from within one interface.

  • Change bids for the whole campaign or for selected custom variables. You can control your campaign on the most granular level without leaving Voluum.

The scope of this functionality differs between traffic source platforms. Read the specific guides for each traffic source platform (provided at the end of this article) to learn more.

How Does Integration Work?

With this feature enabled and set up, Voluum will call traffic sources' API to ask about the costs and statuses of your campaigns and update your stats in Voluum with data received in the response. The first cost update starts with yesterday's data and from now on costs will be updated on a regular basis.

When it comes to controlling your campaigns from Voluum, every change you make in Voluum (for example, bid up, pause, or other) will be instantly requested on your behalf in a given traffic source. This saves you from jumping between Voluum and traffic source panels.

Levels of Integrations

Traffic sources may be integrated on different levels. The full integration fetches all information and allows for controlling campaigns from Voluum UI. However, some traffic sources are integrated on lower levels and allow only to synchronize cost information. Refer to the specific articles to learn about the scope of the integration.

When it comes to affiliate networks, the integration usually allows sending conversion data along with additional pieces of information, such as payout or conversion type.

Campaign Matching

The match between a Voluum campaign and a campaign from an integrated traffic source uses Voluum campaign ID. When an integration process is performed, Voluum integrates those campaigns from a traffic source that have a Voluum campaign ID in the campaign URL.

The typical Voluum campaign URL looks something like this:


The Voluum campaign ID in this URL is: 8284c355-090b-427c-930f-5311427e28c4

If it hasn't been altered in any way, Voluum should easily identify its campaigns in a traffic source and match them. However, if some campaigns were not matched correctly, you can do so by using the Integration Manager.

Integration Manager

The Integration Manager allows you to manually match campaigns from a traffic source and Voluum. If you want to learn more, read the (Beta Features) Integration Manager article.

Integrated Traffic Sources

Integrated Affiliate Network