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Tracking Costs

Voluum can track cost information with an automatic or a manual method and store it in the platform.

  • Auto: With this option enabled, Voluum captures a value passed in a traffic source's payout token and matches it with Voluum's cost variable. In this scenario, Voluum only reads what is being passed to it.

  • Manual: When your traffic source platform does not support passing cost information, you can select an appropriate cost model and provide a fixed value. In this scenario, Voluum will actually count costs every time an event related to the selected cost model occurs.

  • Integrated: The cost information can be passed using a reliable API integration thanks to the Automizer feature. Read the Automizer article to learn more.


Voluum Note: The sources of the cost information are marked in Voluum with icons. To get a detailed description of what these icons mean, read the Cost sources article.

Set up Tracking Cost in Voluum

Setting up cost tracking is available in a campaign creation form. To get there, perform the following steps:


Voluum Info: With the automatic option you will have to additionally go to the traffic source element set to match the cost parameter name and token with the Voluum variable. This is described in the last section of this article.

  1. In Voluum, go to the Campaigns tab. The Campaigns view will appear.

  2. Edit an existing campaign or create a new one. The Edit campaignNew campaign form will appear.

  3. If you are creating a new campaign, select a traffic source from the Traffic source drop-down menu. Cost settings will not be visible without a traffic source selected.

Click on the cost models below to learn more about setting up tracking costs in Voluum.