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TONIC. and Voluum

TONIC. is a traffic monetization service that sends visitors to related search engine result pages (SERP). Visitors may click one of the search results that interest them and then be directed to a concrete offer. This is a gist of the traffic arbitrage model that TONIC. uses. It is not an affiliate network in a traditional sense, it is however treated as such in Voluum because of it's position in a campaign funnel.


Integration available

The following document describes the setup for setting up postbacks for various event types from TONIC. However, Voluum also supports API integration with TONIC. that allows for passing data for the 'Final revenue' event with this connection that without this integration has to be uploaded to Voluum manually with CSV files.

If you want to fully integrate TONIC. with Voluum, read the TONIC. integration article.