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Submitting a Postback URL to an Affiliate Network Platform

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Postback URL is used by an affiliate network platform to send information about conversion. You have to copy it from an offer creation / edit for and provide it to your affiliate network. To do so, follow the steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to your offer in the Offers view and click it.

  2. Click the Edit button and and go to the Postback URL section.

  3. Click the Copy link in the Postback URL section.

  4. Paste the copied postback URL to any tool where you can edit and specify the URL parameters. You need to define the following parameters in the URL:


    Voluum Info: Keep in mind that the postback URL parameters should be replaced with the corresponding values defined by your affiliate network. To find that values you need to refer to the affiliate network documentation. If you want to use more than one affiliate network, you need to set up the postback URL for each of them.

    1. cid : This is a mandatory parameter used to record a conversion. It is dedicated to passing back Voluum clickid.

    2. payout : This is an optional parameter used to pass the revenue amount per conversion.

    3. txid: This is an optional parameter that you can use to pass a unique transaction ID for each conversion.

      Read the Parameters in Postback URLs article to learn more.

  5. When you have defined all the parameters in the postback URL, paste the URL on the affiliate network side.

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