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Reports: Overview

Voluum TRK Voluum DSP Reports

The following articles will teach you about different report types, each one being more granular, and will go through options available in all report types.

Where Can You Find the Data You Have Tracked?

  • Dashboard  : Take a quick peak into your overall performance.  Is your overall ROI a positive number? Is there any pattern emerging on the timeline?

  • Global Reports : Find out which of your campaigns is the most profitable, and which ones waste your money. Which one of your landing pages is successful? Should you stop traffic coming towards some offer?

  • Specific Reports : Learn about your audience. What countries bring you profit? Should you focus only on mobile devices? Are iPhones more popular in America than in European countries? Tailor your traffic audience according to your findings.

  • Customizing Your Report : Adjust your report viewing options to make it easier to read. Sort, filter, and hide elements according to your needs. Don't waste time searching for relevant info every time you signin; create a specific report and bookmark it.

Common Options in Reports

There are some options available throughout all types of reports. These options include selecting a time range for your data and turning on a chart view.

Select a Date Range


The chart view allows you to see your basic metrics on a timeline.  Use the chart view to gain more insight into how your data fluctuates over time, what relations are between clicks and conversions and its changeability.

Enabling a chart view

In the Dashboard tab the chart view is always available. The chart view is also available in other types of reports; just click the Chart button to see this view. Click it once more to hide the chart view.

Length of the timeline

The length of the timeline depends on the selected time period.

Data visibility

You can turn on or off the visibility of a given metric by selecting the checkbox next to the metric name under the chart.


Floating panel

The floating panel appears when you hover the mouse cursor over the chart. It shows you your basic metric values for every full hour. Move your mouse cursor over the chart to view data for different hours.