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Pass Information from a Traffic Source to Voluum

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When a visitor clicks an advertisement, a lot of information can be carried along about visit characteristics. Traffic sources can send a certain predefined set of information using HTTP(S) requests. Voluum captures this information and adds additional ones, derived from visitor's user agent. All this can be then passed to an affiliate network by adding appropriate parameters to the offer URL, if needed. 

The below article instructs how to set up parameters to pass given information from a traffic source to Voluum, and then to an affiliate network.

I. Information Passed from Traffic Source

While adding a traffic source element in Voluum, you need to map parameters that your traffic source sends with Voluum variables. To learn more about adding a custom traffic source element, read the Creating a Custom Traffic Source Element


Voluum Note: If you add a traffic source from a template, parameters are already matched and you do not need to adjust any settings in the traffic source's setup.

Let's consider a situation, where you want to pass an information about which creative has been clicked by the visitor from your traffic source to Voluum. You need to refer to your traffic source's documentation to know which parameter it uses to pass  information about a creative.


In the example below, an information about creative is defined by the creative_id traffic source's parameter name and passed in the {creative_id} token (placeholder). This name and {token} pair is mapped to Voluum's var1 variable.


From now on, Voluum's var1 variable will be associated with the information about a creative.

Parameters you have configured will be automatically appended to the campaign URL. Your campaign URL in this case would look like this:


When a visitor clicks an advertisement, tokens will be replaced with actual values that characterize this person's visit. See the example below:



Voluum Note: Note that both parameter names and tokens are case-sensitive. 

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