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Traffic Filtering: Applying IP / UA Rule

The following document describes how to use the Traffic filtering feature.


Pricing plan availability

The number of IPs you can input in a single rule depends on your pricing plan. Check your pricing plan details to learn more.

What is Traffic filtering and how is it used?

Traffic filtering allows you to add filtering rules based on IP / IP range or UA values. This functionality excludes the traffic defined within the filtering rules from accessing your campaigns to give you better insight into the real live campaign events.


Voluum Info: Keep in mind that in order to rule out the majority of known automatic computer programs that might have an adverse effect on your traffic, Voluum combines the information from the third-party services and filters the traffic beforehand. 

If you need to block also other traffic events specific to your requirements, the best way of implementing it is to add the Traffic filtering rule.

The below steps present how to add a filtering rule for an IP range in Voluum and then, make it applicable to your traffic.

I. Add a Filtering Rule

To add a filtering rule to Voluum, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, click the profile_settings.png button to go to the Settings page.

  2. Go to the Traffic filtering tab. All the already existing filtering rules will be displayed in a table. If you have not added any rule, there will be no data in the table.

  3. Click the Add button. The New filtering rule pop-up window will show up.

  4. Provide a unique name for your rule in the Filter name field.

  5. To add a list of IPs or user agent values, enter a single value per line:

    • Single IP address: Provide the address in the IP / IP range text field.


      Voluum Info: You can only  provide the IP addresses in compliance with the IPv4 format: 32 bits segmented into 4 octets.

      The IPv6 addresses cannot be added to Voluum.

    • More than one IP address: Provide each address in a single line in the IP / IP range text field.

    • IP range: Provide the IP range according to the following pattern: {IP_address} - {IP_address} . The addresses should be separated with a hyphen.

    • Single user agent value: Provide the user agent substring in the User agent text field. The full user agent string is not required, hence the substring will suffice to successfully detect and apply the filtering rule.

    • More than one user agent value: Provide each user agent substring in a single line in the User agent text field.

  6. Click the Save button. 

  7. You have added the filtering rule to Voluum. Now, you need to enable it to make it applicable for your campaigns funnels.

II. Enable the Added Rule

Once the rule has been defined, you need to make it work:

  1. In the Traffic filtering tab verify if all the rules should be turned on to filter the traffic. If there is any rule that should not be applied, you need to delete it from the list.

  2. Turn on the toggle to activate all the filtering rules that are defined in the table. Since now, all the traffic will be filtered using the IP / UA rules.

To disable IP filtering, simply delete all rules.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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