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Google Ads (Search, Display or YouTube Ads) as a Traffic Source


The following set of articles refers to setting up tracking for ads displayed across various Google properties, such as search engine, YouTube or Google Display Network.

Using Google as a way to promote your offers is something that most affiliates at least take into consideration. Google Ads offers you access to different advertising networks and to legions of potential customers. You can benefit from it and drive Google-sourced traffic through Voluum to your offers. Setting up your campaign funnel that works with Google Ads might take you a few moments, but it is worth it - the world's biggest search engine and the world's best tracker form a power couple.

In this guide, you will learn how to set up your campaigns in Google Ads and Voluum so Google can pass information to Voluum and back with a selected tracking method. This guide does not cover all aspects and options available when creating a campaign on these two platforms. Basic knowledge regarding setting up campaigns in Google and Voluum is required.


This guide describes a working setup that is accurate for June 2019 for all new accounts. At this time parallel tracking in Google is used for all new accounts in most of Google's properties. Read the About parallel tracking article from Google's knowledge base to learn more.

If you have created your account in Google Ads prior to this date, some adjustments will have to be made along the way.


Voluum NoteTake into consideration that Google might change its policies or software solutions without any notice, so we recommend to keep up to date with their announcements to keep your campaigns going.

Methods of Tracking

Voluum offers two methods of tracking visitors: a direct one and a redirect one. However, with the introduction of parallel tracking, the direct tracking method is a recommended one, as it will work in most scenarios. If you still want to use the redirect method of tracking, take into consideration that certain browser settings and policies may prevent your campaign funnel from working.

The following set of articles describes the direct method of tracking.