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Facebook Integration


You can integrate Facebook with Voluum separately for cost synchronization and passing conversions. When integrated for the former, Voluum will be able to:

  • Synchronize cost on a campaign, ad and ad set level.

  • Pause and resume campaigns, ads or ad sets from within Voluum interface or with auto-rules.

  • Synchronize status of campaigns


Pricing plan availability:

Note that some parts of this feature may not be available on all pricing plans. Check on

When integrated for passing conversions, Voluum will be able to pass conversions registered by Voluum with any method to Facebook.

I. Set Up Integration

In order to integrate, do the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to the AUTOMIZER module.

  2. Go to the Traffic sources tab.

  3. Click the Add traffic source button.

  4. Click the Add new integration link under the Facebook traffic source.

  5. Now you have the option to perform both integrations. You can chose to synchronize cost only or to perform both integrations. Refer to the steps below.


Your Facebook account has been integrated with Voluum.

II. Working With Integrated Campaigns

The integrated campaigns are marked with the integrated_icon.png icon. To make use of the integration, make sure that you have the following columns visible by clicking the columns.png button and ticking the appropriate boxes:

  • Actions

  • Status


Each change you make in Voluum will have an instantaneous effect in Facebook. Find out what you can do with integrated campaigns:

Check the status of integrated campaigns:

You can observe the status of your integrated campaign in the Status column.


Pause or restore an integrated campaign:

You can pause or restore an entire integrated campaign in the Campaigns view, in the Actions column:

  • To pause a running campaign, click the pause.png button.

  • To restore a paused campaign, click the run.png button.

Reauthenticating the Integration