Managing multiple campaigns 24/7 may be a hassle even for experienced marketers. That is why Voluum introduces Automizer: a built-in campaign automation tool that takes a bigger portion of campaign management off affiliates' shoulders.

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How Does It Work?

Voluum Automizer uses two features to automate typical affiliate tasks. These features are:

The first one allows you to seemingly integrate selected traffic sources with Voluum using a reliable API connection. The integrated traffic source can send cost information to Voluum directly, as well as allow its campaigns to be controlled by Voluum.

The second one enables you to create complex rules that launch set actions when rule conditions are met.


Voluum Note: Controlling your campaigns with Auto-rules requires integrating a supported traffic source first. However, you can apply some rules to campaigns with non-integrated traffic sources. These rules are:

  • Notifications for campaigns and offers

  • Assigning markers to custom variables

How Much Does It Cost?

Since May 18 2020 the pricing plans for Automizer look as follows:

  1. If you track up to $1000 in ad spend a month, Automizer will remain completely FREE for you! However, when you pass the $1000 limit, your rules & integrations will be disabled until the next month. No additional fees/overages will be charged.

  2. If you track more & want to fully benefit from Automizer, you can upgrade your ad-spend limit to $10,000/mo. This option is just $100/mo. If you exceed the $10,000 limit, a 1% overage charge will be applied.

  3. If you’re an even bigger player, I would recommend upgrading your Automizer limit to $25,000 of monthly ad spend. This option costs $200/mo. and the overage charge is just 0.8%.


If you track more & want to fully benefit from Automizer, you can upgrade your ad spend limit in the Billing & Subscription tab in Settings.

Where Can I Find the Automizer?

You can navigate to the Automizer by signing in to Voluum and clicking the AUTOMIZER button in the top bar:


How To Use The Automizer?

The core of Automizer's functionality is controlling your campaigns with Voluum's Auto-Rules. This requires you to integrate a supported traffic source first.

1. Integrate a traffic source

Here is the list of supported traffic sources:

The detailed instructions about the integrations are provided in each article about a specific traffic source. The general instructions are as follows:

  1. Obtain an API key from your traffic source platform. Typically it can be found in your account settings or is available at request.

  2. In Voluum, go to the Automizer module.

  3. Go to the Integrations tab.

  4. Click the Add integration button.

  5. Select a traffic source that you want to integrate and click the Add integration button.

  6. Provide the API key that you have obtained from your traffic source in the API token text field.

  7. Click the Add integration button.


2. Create an Auto-rule

Auto-rules are constructed like logical sentences that:

  • For selected ENTITIES (campaigns, offers, custom variables)

  • Launch set ACTIONS

  • When all CONDITIONS are met

  • Within a given TIME FRAME

Setting up an Auto-Rule is described in the Auto-Rules article.