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(Beta version) Anti-Fraud-Kit: Overview

Voluum TRK  Anti Fraud Kit Beta Version

Invalid traffic is a growing problem in the advertising industry. It generates no income for an offer owner yet it skews visit statistics, damages your reputation in an affiliate network platform and may result in real costs. It is important to understand what it is and how it may influence your campaigns.

What is Invalid Traffic?

Invalid traffic is any traffic that flows toward your offers without a real interest in them. This may include human accidental clicks, web crawlers or, lastly, intentionally fraudulent traffic that uses different techniques to artificially pump-up traffic statistics. Because of its compound nature invalid traffic cannot be uniquely characterized solely by one behavior type that could be easily pinpointed and eliminated. Any attempts to identify invalid traffic have to take into account several metrics that might indicate potentially non-human traffic.

Anti-Fraud Kit

To combat the problems of invalid traffic, Voluum introduces the Anti-Fraud Kit feature. It consist of several elements, aimed at identify different characteristics of and address different problems caused by invalid traffic. Because those elements work on different levels, they are available in different places of the Voluum interface.

The elements that make the Anti-Fraud Kit are as follows:

  • Anti-Fraud Metrics: Measurements of various traffic characteristics, such as origin of an IP address (if it originates from known data centers), time it took a visitor to click an advertisement (too short time might indicate non-human traffic), referrer reputation, frequency of clicking a given campaign from a single IP address, user agent recognized as an unsupported OS or a bot, and many more. Traffic flagged with any of these metrics is considered to be suspicious.

  • Time to Install Metrics: Measurements of how fast a visitor has installed an app, with two (low and high) time to install thresholds set individually and a mean time to install value. This element returns the number of installs that occurred below the set Low Time To Install (TTI) threshold, between the Low and High TTI (Optimal TTI) and above the High TTI, and also a mean time it took visitors to install an app.

  • Traffic Log: The Traffic Log feature generates a CSV report with raw visit data. This data include, but is not limited to Anti-Fraud Metrics.

  • IP / UA Filtering: This feature allows you to block unwanted traffic using IP addresses or ranges or user agent names. 

The Anti-Fraud Console

Some settings of the Anti-Fraud Kit can be configured according to your needs. The configuration panel is available in the Anti-Fraud Console view. You can access it from any place in Voluum (apart from the Dashboard and the Settings views) by clicking the Anti-fraud console button.


Voluum Note: Changing Anti-Fraud Metrics selection or Time To Install Metrics threshold values causes the incoming traffic characteristics to be checked against newly set thresholds. Past suspicious traffic and TTI values will NOT be recalculated with those newly set thresholds. Keep that in mind while analyzing variations of those values over time. Read the (Beta version) Changing Metric Settings article to learn more.

To learn more about the Anti-Fraud Console, read the (Beta version ) Anti-Fraud Console article.

Known Bots

Mind that not all bots have bad intents. Some of them go through links of your campaign funnel just to index web page content. Voluum allows those known friendly bots into your campaign funnel, but does not include events generated by them in reports. That means that your stats are not skewed by them and your pricing plan event limits are not depleted.

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