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Navigating Voluum Interface

Voluum's interface introduces a new level of functionality without compromising simplicity. The focus has been put on making things easier to spot and reach. All the buttons, knobs and menus are always at your fingertips to make your work efficient and easy. You are always only a few clicks away from the option you need.

Familiarize yourself with Voluum's look to make the most of your daily work.

Table of Contents

Voluum offers you two main sections:

  • TRACKER: This is a section containing tracking options and statistics

  • AUTOMIZER: This section contains the Automizer feature

Additionally, clicking the voluum_logo.png will take you either to the Dashboard view, Campaign view or last opened report, depending on what is selected in Settings.

Top Bar

Various kinds of information can be accessed via the top bar.

  • notification_icon.png Notifications: Clicking this button shows you your inbox preview. You can view the most recent notifications, enable desktop notifications or go to Notification preferences. Read more: Notifications.

  • support_icon.png Support: Clicking this button allows you to visit our knowledge base or contact support.

  • settings_icon.png Settings: Clicking this button takes you to the Settings view. Read more: Settings.

  • workspace_selector.png Workspace selector: This drop-down menu allows you to select which Workspace you want to work with at the given moment. Read more: Filtering by Workspaces.

  • profile_icon.png Profile: Clicking this button allows you to switch profiles or upgrade your account.


Voluum incorporates the same system of tabs that you know from web browsers. Each specific report opens in the new tab, allowing you to quickly jump to the desired report. Report settings are lost when the session expires, but you can bookmark a report to save it and view them every time you sign in.

Full or Right-Hand Side Form Window

You can access campaign element forms in two different views, the full view and the right-hand side view.

  • Full Form view: Allows you to be focused on what you are working on.

  • Right-Hand Side view: Allows you to quickly switch to a different element without re-opening the campaign edit form.


You can add notes to all editable element in Voluum: campaigns, offers, landers, traffic sources, affiliate networks, and flows. They can help you remember the contents of the particular element.

Campaign Form Window

The campaign form offers some distinct options and features designed to make your work easier.

  • Simple and advanced form: Campaigns can be created in two modes: simple and advanced. The first one offers a basic view that allows you to create a simple funnel without being distracted by unnecessary options. The other one offers the full Voluum experience. You can always switch between those two modes. To learn more, read the Campaigns article.Campaigns

  • Adding or editing elements from within campaign form: You can add all campaign elements required for a complete campaign funnel without leaving a campaign creation form. Simply select the Create new option from the element selection drop-down menu.

  • Using a slider: In the campaign advanced form, you can use the slider to adjust the width of two parts of the DESTINATION tab.

Column Visibility and Order

You can change column visibility and order by clicking the column_icon.png button.

  • Column visibility: Change which column will be visible globally by ticking and unticking appropriate checkboxes next to column names.

  • Column order: Change the column order in the context of your current view by dragging and dropping the selected column names.