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Voluum as an Affiliate Network: Partners in Custom Variables

The procedure below provides instruction about the recommended way to set up Voluum as an affiliate network for bigger number of partners. This method includes using custom variables in Voluum's traffic source setup to distinguish partners between each other. To keep their name hidden on the internet, you should use parnter IDs instead of real names.

I. Set Up Voluum As an Affiliate Network
  1. Prepare parnter IDs. Depending on the platform you use to manage your parnters, this step will look differently. The point is to have a unique and anonymous ID for each parnter that you will use to identify them.

    If you don't use any platform, you can prepare a list of affiliate names and IDs in any spreadsheet editing software, such as Microsoft Excel.

  2. Add your offers to Voluum.

  3. Create one traffic source for all partners.

  4. Create a campaign in Voluum with offer elements and the traffic source that you have created.

  5. Create a separate tracking URL for each of your affiliate by updating it with a partner ID. Your tracking URL that you have copied from Voluum should look like this:{clickid}

    Replace the AFFILIATE_ID with the value parnter ID to create individual tracking URLs for each partner. Your modified tracking URLs should look like this:{clickid}{clickid}{clickid}
  6. Give each partner their tracking URL.

  7. Set up conversion tracking using one of the two methods:

  8. Set up conversion tracking for your partners.

II. Check The Stats

Once your partners start sending traffic, you will be able to check the stats of each of your affiliate. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a specific report of your campaign.

  2. Select the V1: Affiliate ID option from the first grouping drop-down menu and click the Apply button.

  3. Check the stats of each of your partners.