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Voluum exposes REST type API using secure HTTPS methods as a transport layer and JSON as a format. Our centric API gateway, api.voluum.com, is used to handle all requests to the relevant micro-services by the inclusion of distinct directory suffixes. Full API documentation is available at http://developers.voluum.com.


Voluum Note: If you want to use Voluum API, you need to keep in mind that there is a limit of 15 API requests per second.

Examples of directory suffix:




Certain requests also require a component identifier to be appended after a service directory, those of which are clearly indicated within our API documentation via curly brackets, for example:


where the {campaignId} token needs to be replaced with a valid ID string of a component from your Voluum account. Additional parameters relevant to a service are then placed in the URL’s query string (after the question mark, ?) to describe the requested data, for example:


Anatomy of a Request URL

Provided below is a breakdown of the different parts included within this example request URL:



Voluum Info: If you want to use the Voluum API using the access key without hard-coding your password in scripts, you need to generate it in the Voluum platform.

Voluum API: Generating an Access Key

To improve security and stop hard-coding passwords into your scripts, you can generate an access key (an access key ID and secret access key). The access key is then used to get the session token for your API requests. Therefore, when you need to use the Voluum API, first you need to generate the access key in the Voluum platform.


Voluum Info: Keep in mind that not all Voluum endpoints are accessible while using the access key. The following Voluum endpoints deny access for sessions created with the access key:

To get the access key, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to Voluum.

  2. Click the profile_settings.png icon (top right corner of the screen). Your account data view will show up.

  3. Go to the Security tab and scroll down to the ACCESS KEYS section.

  4. Click the Add new key button. The Generate Access Key pop-up window will show up.

    1. Provide the key name.

    2. Provide your account password.

    3. Click the Save button. The secret access key and access client ID will be generated.

    4. Once the secret access key and its ID are generated, click the Copy button - copy both values, the secret access key and access key ID, and save them locally on your machine.


      Voluum Note: Once you have generated the access key, you need to copy and save it. This is the only time when the secret access key is visible to you, thus you need to store it locally to be able to use it with the Voluum API.

  5. Close the Generated key pop-up window. The access key you have created is added to the list of keys in the ACCESS KEYS section.

  6. Once the access key is generated, find out how to create a session with it: https://developers.voluum.com/#!/authentication.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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