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Upgrading Your Pricing Plan

Benefits of Upgrading

If you track traffic in higher volumes and keep getting charged for overage events, you might consider upgrading you pricing plan to a higher one. The benefits of higher plans include:

  • More events without overage charges

  • The charge for an overage event is lower

  • Additional features that might be not available on a lower pricing plan

  • More custom domains to set up

You can learn more on the pricing plans' details by going to the  https://voluum.com/pricing/ page. 


Voluum Note: The upgrade can be only performed by an Account Owner.

A Billing Cycle

You can upgrade your plan at any time to a higher one. The upgrade happens immediately, meaning that your current billing cycle will end and the new billing cycle will begin. From now on, the billing cycle renewal will happen every month on the day of the upgrade.

Upgrade Your Subscription

In order to upgrade, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Voluum.

  2. Click the profile_settings.png button. The Settings will show up.

  3. Go to the Billing & Subscription tab. Here you can find information about the number of billed events, overage events, overage cost (charge) and other. To learn more about different event types read the What is an Event in Voluum? article.

  4. Click the Change plan button and select the new plan.

  5. Check your order summary and click the Save button.

  6. An invoice will be sent to your email account.

An Invoice

Immediately upon upgrade, the invoice for the new pricing plan will be issued. You will have 7 days to pay for that invoice. The money for the remaining part of your previous pricing plan will be used for your new pricing plan. The total sum on this invoice will consist of the following parts:

Base fee + +Overage charges - -Refund = = Final payment on the invoice


  • Base fee is the fee for the new pricing plan.

  • Overage charges (if applicable) are charges for overage events from your previous pricing plan priced according to a pricing plan in which they occurred. For example, if you had the Basic pricing plan with the limit of 2,000,000 events, but there were 2,050,000 events recorded in Voluum, you need to pay for those additional 50,000 events according to an overage price of the Basic pricing plan.

  • Refund is the amount of money for your remaining part of pricing plan that will be deducted from your payment for the new plan. The refund is calculated by using the following formula:

    Hours left from your previous pricing plan ÷ \div Total number of hours in your previous pricing plan  \cdot Base fee for previous pricing plan = = Refund

    For example, if you had 240 hours left from your Advanced pricing plan, and the pricing plan had 672 hours in total, the refund would be 142.58$ from the 599$ Advanced pricing plan's base fee.

    240 ÷ \div 672  \cdot 599$ = = 213.93$

Example of calculating an invoice :

  • Your billing cycle: 2018-07-24 to 2018-08-24

  • Your current plan: Advanced 599$

  • Upgrade to: Premium 1,499$

  • Upgrade date: 2018-08-09

  • Remaining hours of your current (Advanced) pricing plan: 384

  • Total number of hours of your current (Advanced) pricing plan: 672

  • Number of overage events (that surpass your pricing plan's limit) from 2018-07-24 to 2018-08-09: 14,543,123

  • Overage price for your current (Advanced) plan: 0,045$ for 1000 events

  • Overage charges for your current (Advanced) pricing plan: 654.44$

To calculate the invoice, use the below formula:

Base fee for your new (Premium) pricing plan + + Overage charges for your current (Advanced) plan - - Refund for you current (Advanced) pricing plan  = = Final charge on the invoice issued on the 2018-08-09


  • Base fee for your new (Premium) pricing plan: 1,499$

  • Overage charges for your current (Advanced) plan from 2018-07-24 to 2018-08-09: 654.44$

  • Refund: Remaining hours for your current (Advanced) pricing plan (384 hours) ÷ \div Total number of hours in your current (Advanced) pricing plan (672 hours)  \cdot Base fee for your current (Advanced) pricing plan (599$= = 342.28$

1,499$ + + 654.44$ - - 342.28$ = =  1,811.16$

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