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Customize Your Report

Voluum TRK  Reports

After displaying the report you wanted, you can tweak and adjust certain view settings. In the article it will be described how to sort the data, how performing and non-performing campaign elements are marked and how to change different view settings.

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Each column stores different values. You can sort the data in columns to display it in a more user-friendly way.

Freezing columns

Freezing columns allows you to pin up to three columns to the left side of the screen, so they are always visible when you scroll sideways. The Freezing columns feature is available in the Columns settings pop-up window. To freeze columns, follow the steps:

  1. In the Voluum main view, click the pasted_image_0__4_.png button.

  2. In the Column settings pop-up window, select the Custom order radio button.

  3. Click the freezing_columns2.png icon next to the column name to pin it. You can pin up to 3 columns. The pinned columns will be moved to the top of the list. Click the freezing_columns2.png button again to unpin a column.

  4. Click the Save button.


Frozen columns will always be visible when scrolling sideways in your current report.

Viewing Settings

Chart view

Voluum allows you to view data on a timeline. To use this feature, click the Chart button. The chart will show up above the table. Clicking the Chart button again hides its view.

Table or tree view

You can select whether you want to see the data in table or tree view. To change between these two views, click the Table or Tree buttons.

  • Table: Shows different data groups in columns.

  • Tree: Shows different data groups in drill-down. With this view selected, column filtering options will not be available.

Campaign element status

Campaign elements have different statuses that you can use to filter them. By default, Voluum displays active with traffic. In order to view campaign elements with other statuses, click the Active button and select the appropriate status from the drop-down menu.

  • Active

  • Archived

  • With traffic

  • All


Click the Refresh button to update the data.

Time settings

This allows you to set a time period of your report. Click a calendar view and you will be able to generate your report for:

  1. Predefined time range.

  2. Custom time range

  3. Other time zone.


    Voluum Note: This setting changes the time zone for this specific report only. Once you close this report or log out, the time zone will be change to your account's default one.


Frequently Asked Questions

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