Get Started Step 3: Find Traffic and Start Advertising


We have now taken care of a setup process on an affiliate network's and Voluum's sides. The only thing that's left to configure is a traffic source platform. In this guide, we describe how to create and top-up an account in PropellerAds, and then how to get traffic and direct it to Voluum.

But first, we will dedicate 5 minutes to make your work easier by integrating both platforms.

Table of Contents

I. Create an Account in PropellerAds

Let's start by talking about another platform, the third part of the equation. PropellerAds. This is where your traffic, i. e. the stream of visitors ready to take your offer, will come from.

PropellerAds offers ads in three distinctive ad formats:

  • Push

  • Popunder

  • Interstitial

You will be able to select the ad type you prefer when creating a campaign in PropellerAds.

The first order of business is to register as an affiliate. Already have an account? You can jump to part III of this article. In order to create an account in PropellerAds, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the web page.

  2. Select the I am an Advertiser option.

  3. Provide all the required personal and contact information.

  4. Click the Next button.

  5. Provide all the required business information and click the Sign up button.

  6. Click the Sign up button.

Once you click this button, you will receive an email confirmation message on the email address that you have provided. Click the Activate link in that message. Your account will be reviewed and after the review you will be able to top-up your account.

II. Top-up Your Account

PropellerAds, similarly to all other traffic source platforms, uses top-ups as a payment method for traffic. It works just like a prepaid phone: once you make a top-up, you can make phone calls until you run out of money. In PropellerAds, your "phone calls" are ad views. So before you can buy any traffic, you have to top-up your account with a minimal amount of $200.

In order to make a top-up, perform the following steps:

  1. In PropellerAds, click your top-up value.

  2. Set your payment options and payment value and pay.


You now have money to buy traffic.

III. Integrate Voluum with PropellerAds

Integrating Voluum and PropellerAds accounts will give you the following benefits:

  • Reliable cost tracking

  • An option to control your campaigns in PropellerAds from Voluum

  • An option to create rules that act upon conditions you set

All this may seem complex or unnecessary at this point but trust us, there are some real gains from its. We elaborate on this more in the final article of this guide.

To perform an integration, do the following:

  1. Get an API key from PropellerAds.

    1. In PropellerAds, go to the Profile tab.

    2. Click the Create token button.

    3. Provide a name for the token and click the propellerads_integration5.png icon.

    4. Your API key has been created. Click the propellerads_integration6.png button to copy it to the clipboard.

  2. Integrate with Voluum.

    1. In Voluum, go to the AUTOMIZER module.

    2. Go to the Integrations tab.

    3. Click the Add integration button.

    4. Click the Add integrations button next to the PropellerAds traffic source.

    5. Provide the API token that you have obtained from PropellerAds.

    6. (Optional) Decide if you want to see cost estimations for periods between data synchronization. The estimations are based on the last 24 hours data set. When cost will be synchronized, estimated costs will be replaced with actual ones.

    7. Click the Next button.

    8. Your accounts have been integrated.


And that is it. Both platforms have been set to work together. You can now go back to PropellerAds.

IV. Create a Campaign in PropellerAds

To create a campaign in PropellerAds, follow the instructions below:

  1. In PropellerAds, click the Create campaign button.

  2. Provide a name of your campaign in the Name your campaign text field.

  3. Select an advertisement type by clicking the appropriate radio button in the Choose advertising format section.

  4. Select a pricing model by clicking the appropriate radio button in the Choose pricing model section.

  5. Paste the campaign URL that you have copied from Voluum into the Enter target URL text field. You do not need to add any tokens, they are already included in the URL.

  6. Decide if you want to use PropellerAds network only or also include third-party traffic.

  7. Select a conversion type. We recommend going with the single-opt -in flow. This means that a visitor will have to make only one step to confirm a purchase. This usually brings very good results.

  8. Select a country or countries you wish to advertise in.

  9. Select the desired CPA goal that PropellerAds will optimize for.

  10. (Optional) Set region and city targeting.

  11. In the Budget step provide all required budget options. This includes:

    • Daily budget

    • Campaign budget

  12. (Optional) Set other traffic targeting options.

  13. Tick the box that you acknowledge and will follow their Quality Guidelines.

  14. Click the Start campaign button.


Your campaign has been created and will be reviewed by PropellerAds' compliance team.

That was the last thing to do on your checklist. Click the last checkbox to mark it complete.

  • Get an offer

  • Set up tracking

  • Find traffic and start advertising

Congratulations, you have done it! Wait for approval, learn... and enjoy your new career as an affiliate.