Quick Guide Step 3: Find Traffic and Start Advertising


We have now taken care of a setup process on an affiliate network's and Voluum's sides. The only thing that's left to configure is a traffic source platform. In this guide, we will create and top-up an account in Zeropark, and then we will get pop traffic and direct it to Voluum. But apart from this, we will dedicate 5 minutes to make your work easier by integrating both platforms.

Table of Contents
I. Create an Account in Zeropark

Let's start by talking about another platform, the third part of the equation. Zeropark. This is where your traffic, i. e. the stream of visitors ready to take your offer, will come from.

But why Zeropark? Aren't there any other platforms?

There are and you will discover them while growing as an affiliate. But Zeropark is one of the best sources of pop traffic. That's the traffic type you are interested in. Furthermore, Voluum and Zeropark integrate with each other into one seamless experience. The effect is that you can manage your campaigns from inside Voluum in a way that is not possible with other platforms. Once you complete integration, you will be able to pause campaigns, change their bids, view their visibility and other. And finally, Voluum lets you track Zeropark events for free, so you can scale up without hesitation!

The first order of business is to register as an affiliate. Already have an account in Zeropark? You can jump to part III of this article. In order to create an account in Zeropark, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the https://panel.zeropark.com/bidding/register web page.

  2. Provide all the required personal and contact information.

  3. Read Zeropark's Terms and Conditions and tick the box that you agree with the rules contained in this document.

  4. Click the SIGN ME UP button.


Once you click this button, you will receive an email confirmation message on the email address that you have provided. Click the Activate link in that message. Your account will be reviewed and after the review you will be able to top-up your account.

II. Top-up Your Account

Zeropark, similarly to all other traffic source platforms, uses top-ups as a payment method for traffic. It works just like a prepaid phone: once you make a top-up, you can make phone calls until you run out of money. In Zeropark, your "phone calls" are ad views. So before you can buy any traffic, you have to top-up your account with a minimal amount of $200.

In order to make a top-up, perform the following steps:

  1. In Zeropark, click the Top-up button.

  2. In the Top-up pop-up window select a currency of your payment from the Payment currency drop-down menu

  3. Select the top-up amount or provide your custom amount,


    Zeropark Note: For certain payment methods, not all top-up amounts will be available.

  4. Select a payment method,

  5. Click the Next button.

  6. Provide your credit card details.

  7. Click the Pay button.


You now have money to buy traffic.

III. Integrate Voluum with Zeropark

Go back to Voluum, we will visit Zeropark for longer in the third part of this article. For now, the goal is to integrate both platforms. And this process is as easy as it gets.

To perform an integration, do the following:

  1. In Voluum, click the profile_settings.png button. The Settings view will appear.

  2. Go to the Integrations tab.

  3. Click the Add integrations button.

  4. Locate Zeropark and click the Add integration button.

  5. Provide your Zeropark login credentials.

  6. Click the Log in button.


And that is it. Both platforms have been set to work together. You have been directed to Zeropark dashboard view.

IV. Create a Campaign in Zeropark

To create a campaign in Zeropark, follow the instructions below:

  1. In Zeropark, click the New campaign tab.

  2. Traffic type : Select the Premium PPV traffic type.

  3. Campaign targeting: You have four campaign targeting option: RON, Keyword, Target, MultiGeo. Select RON.

    Why RON and what is it?

    RON (Run of network) campaign targets all traffic coming from a selected country. With no additional knowledge, you want to target a broad spectrum of visitors, and narrow down your targeting options later.

  4. Campaign name: In the New campaign view provide a name of your campaign. It can be the same as the one you use in Voluum.

  5. Pricing model: Select the CPV option for your pricing model. In this model you pay for each view of your pop-up window. Later you can consider using the Smart eCPA model, but it requires bigger budgets to spend on testing.

  6. Inventory type: From the four offered inventory types select the Standard type. Premium and Pre-selected types offer better traffic quality, but their price is higher. In the beginning of your career, the Standard traffic type offers you good quality for a fair price. You can go for the two higher traffic types once you decide to scale up.

  7. Country: Select a country where you want to advertise your offer. This has to be the same country as you have selected for your offer in MaxBounty. . You cannot advertise your offer in countries that this offer is not allowed in. The affiliate network will not show your offer, but you will still pay for traffic.

    Geo targeting: You can skip this option because you want to target the whole country, not individual regions or cities.

  8. Bid: Provide your bid value. Remember that in Pop traffic you pay per each view, so the value should be low, even four digits after the decimal point. Make sure you don’t bid too low. Otherwise, you may find your campaign buying very little traffic. For calculating the optimal bid, we recommend Zeropark’s Traffic Volume Tool (https://zeropark.com/volume/), which lets you see the average bid for a given targeting option.

  9. Daily budget: Set your daily budget lower than what you have on your account, so you will not spend everything in one day.

  10. Campaign budget: Set a total budget limit for this campaign - the maximum amount of money you want to spend on the campaign.

  11. Traffic buying model: Select the Smooth option to evenly spread your budget throughout the day.

  12. Traffic filters: Select between desktop and mobile traffic.

  13. Advanced (Optionally): Additional traffic filtering options are available after clicking the Advanced button.

  14. Adult filtering: Select between Adult or non-Adult traffic types.

  15. Day parting: Use the Day parting feature to limit the time when your offer is visible for visitors.

    Why would you want to limit it?

    To save some money on not buying ineffective traffic. It all depends on traffic or offer type, but generally speaking, people rarely buy stuff during the night. Use the Day parting feature to show your offer only during the most profitable hours. In our example, we have blocked buying traffic between 2 am and 5 am during workdays.

  16. Destination URL: Simply paste the campaign URL that you have obtained from Voluum. You do not have to bother with any tokens - it all has been taken care of.

  17. Campaign vertical: Select the campaign vertical that matches your selected offer category.

  18. Pre-landers: Select Yes, if your offer has built-in pre-landers.

  19. Campaign status after approval: Select if you want your campaign to run instantaneously after approval or should it wait for your click. But why wait to start making money?

  20. Click the Save button.


Your campaign has been created and will be reviewed by Zeropark's compliance team.


That was the last thing to do on your checklist. Click the last checkbox to mark it complete.

  • Get an offer

  • Set up tracking

  • Find traffic and start advertising

Congratulations, you have done it! Wait for approval, learn... and enjoy your new career as an affiliate.