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Quick Guide Step 1: Get an Offer

Voluum TRK Entry Get Started Quick Guide


If you are wondering where and how to get an offer, here's an answer: Voluum. That's right. Voluum fetches offers from various affiliate network platforms and shows them in one place, called Marketplace. You will still have to create an account in at least one of those platforms, but once you do so, you can reduce the number of clicks required to find and set up an offer from copious to just a few. Excited? Hope so. You will be even more excited when we will tell you that you can sign in to our partner affiliate network from within Voluum and, as a trusted customer of ours, get your account approved much faster.

So sign in to Voluum. You'll notice that there are a lot of options but there is no data in the charts yet. Let's starting working and we'll populate them with some nice stats in no time.

Note that this step is long because there are some preparations to be made prior to getting an offer, but the remaining steps are shorter. We promise.

Table of Contents
I. Preparations: Request an SSL Certificate

We will start with some preparations first. And to be more precise: with requesting an SSL certificate.

What is it and why should you bother?

There has been an overall shift in the industry towards the more secure forms of communication. You don't want to scare your visitor with a huge Non-secure notification in their web browsers, do you?


Plus, it's free.

Requesting an SSL certificate for your Voluum dedicated domain (that is, a private, unique domain that has been given to you with your Voluum subscription) turns on encryption of your campaign funnel. And also allows you to be compliant with many traffic source's requirements. In order to request an SSL certificate, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, click the profile_settings.png button. The Settings view will appear.

  2. Go to the Domains tab.

  3. In the Dedicated Domain section click the Setting up SSL link.

  4. Tick the box next to your agreement to Voluum's Terms and Conditions. Click the Yes, set up SSL button.


That's it. You have a secure domain now. You can proceed to the next part.

II. Preparations: Create an Account in an Affiliate Network Platform

In this part we describe how to create an account in our partner affiliate network platform - MaxBounty. Why them? They are one of the biggest and oldest networks in the world. And they try to keep up with their name: maximizing bounties for their members.

Affiliate networks take their sweet time to vet applicants because they want to know who are they doing business with. Usually they require you to submit some information regarding your intended campaign type, a number of expected visitors, your previous experience as an affiliate and so on. It' similar with MaxBounty: they simply want to know if you have a plan. You don't have to be experienced to start working with them, but you should have an idea of what you are going to do. Provide an honest declaration of your intention with correct contact information and you will surely be approved.

If you already have an account there, you can jump straight to the next part of this article.

To sign up to MaxBounty from the Voluum platform, follow the steps below:

  1. In Voluum, click the Affiliate network tab.

  2. Click the New affiliate network button.

  3. Select the MaxBounty affiliate network from the Trusted affiliate network templates section and click the See more button.

  4. Click the Sign up here link.


This link will direct you to MaxBounty's sign in page. Voluum passes your referrer ID in the sign-up link, so MaxBounty will be able to recognize you as a Voluum customer. Provide all the necessary information required to create a new account.


Once your account is approved, you can go back to Voluum.

III. Preparations: Get the Postback URL

Before browsing offers, we need to set up a postback URL. This may not be clear at this moment, but trust us, everything will become understandable in a moment. For now, just follow along:

  1. In Voluum, in the Settings view, go to the Tracking URLs tab.

  2. Click the Copy button next to the Secure postback URL.


You have the postback URL copied in your clipboard. It will be important later, so we suggest to paste it into a document or a note for easy access. For now, let's search for an offer.

IV. Find Offers

To find offers, do the following:

  1. In Voluum, click the FIND OFFERS section in the top bar. You will be directed to Marketplace.

  2. Filter options: Use filter options to find suitable offers.


    And what are suitable offers for beginner affiliate? As your experience will grow you will be able to search for offers more consciously and make more informed decisions. But at this point, having close to zero experience, which options should you choose? Here are some recommendations:

    • Country.

      Countries are typically dived into different Tiers (levels). Tier 1 countries are the ones where the Internet appeared first, so: USA, United Kingdom or Germany. Payouts are usually the highest, but they are the hardest to get. Residents of these countries are immune to most affiliate marketing tricks because they have seen it all. Tier 2 countries are those that joined the world of the Internet soon after: Austria, Czech Republic, New Zealand. And Tier 3 countries are developing countries, where the Internet is still a new thing (India, China). And those countries are recommended to target for beginners. Payouts are lower but easier to get. Plenty of learning opportunities.

      Our recommendation: TIER 3 countries

    • Category.

      Categories are a little bit like fashion: some items are popular only temporarily and then they fade away, while some other items are always trendy. It is a good idea to check forums and popular influencers to learn about the hottest trends in the advertising industry.

      Our recommendation: Sweepstakes, Software downloads

    • Allowed traffic types.

      There are many ways and channels to present your advertisement. Different offers only work with some traffic types. Some types are for more advanced users (such as native), and some are more widely used by beginners.

      Our recommendation: Pop-ups

    • Affiliate network.

      During your work as an affiliate marketer you will like some affiliate network platforms more than others. Maybe you will hate some. But you will definitely love MaxBounty.

      Our recommendation: MaxBounty

    • Conversion flow.

      This characterizes what event is responsible for generating a conversion and how a visitor will pay for it. SOI (single opt-in) option is a good choice because it requires only a single action from a visitor to confirm taking an offer and including payment for an offer in their phone bill. This option of payment is very popular in Tier 3 countries. Download is another recommended option, as it is proven to be very effective once a visitor downloads a software.

      Our recommendation: SOI, Downloads

  3. Click the offer: Once you have narrowed down your search, find an offer from the list that catches your eye and click it to get into the offer details.

    In the offer detail's view you can learn more about an offer or visit a landing page.

    Note the Payout value. This is how much you will get after someone converts.

  4. Found an offer that you like? Click the Go to offer page button. It will direct you to MaxBounty.


You have just learned how to use Marketplace in Voluum.

V. Set up an Offer

You are now in the MaxBounty platform, on an offer page. There are two things to do now. Create a tracking link that will be used to direct visitors to this offer page and set up the postback URL.

Why not simply get the link to this offer? Why do you need to create or set anything up?

Getting an offer link without any setup is enough if your sole purpose is to direct visitors to this offer. But that's only half of the picture. Where others see visitors, an affiliate marketer sees information. Each visitor carries some information along the way. This information is passed in parameters, that are a part of a redirect link.

In most cases when you browse the web, you pay attention only to domain addresses in your browser's address bar. A link is sometimes much longer, but many web browser's hide this from view with default settings or grey it out. Go to any regular web page. The link looks quite nice.


But once you click any ad, you will a lot of information attached to it after the ? character. This is because your visit to an ad generates a lot of information that is valuable to someone.


To sum up, you need to add tracking parameters to the following two links:

  • Offer URL (In MaxBounty referred to as tracking link), that directs visitors toward your offer from Voluum.

  • Postback URL that sends information about conversion back to Voluum.

We have already obtained the latter link from Voluum and we will submit it to MaxBounty. The former is supplied by MaxBounty, but has to be set up. In order to do all this, perform the following steps:

  1. Build tracking link: In MaxBounty's offer page, click the Build tracking link button.

  2. Traffic type: Select a traffic type that you are going to send to this offer. As we talked before, we are creating a pop-type campaign that will display a pop-up window on relevant web pages. So check the Contextual option.

  3. Type of creative: Select a type of creative. Creative is an image that presents your offer. In this case, when a whole web page will be displayed in a pop-under window, your creative will be this landing page. Select the Contextual option.

  4. Select landing page: Select a landing page from the selection.

  5. Sub IDs: In the Sub IDs section do one simple thing. Type {clickid} in the Sub ID 2 text field. This will add an s2={clickid} parameter to an offer URL.

    What does it do?

    This will allow to pass a click ID value from Voluum to an affiliate network platform. As we have mentioned it at the beginning of this part, many URLs pass some additional information from one server to another. This is called a server-to-server (S2S) method. With this method, information is passed in the parameter_name={token} pairs added to a request URL after the ? character, where:

    • parameter_name describes a value that is being passed. The name is specific to a target platform (Maxbounty in this case).

    • {token} is a dynamically replaceable placeholder for a concrete value. The token is specific to a source platform (Voluum in this case).

    Tokens and names are used to pass various information from traffic source platforms to Voluum, from Voluum to affiliate network platforms and back. This information includes creative ID, country name, device type, click ID, and other. A click ID value is a Voluum specific alphanumerical value that uniquely identifies a visit. In our setup we pass this value in the {clickid} token to MaxBounty. Maxbounty associates it with the s2 parameter. When a conversion occurs on MaxBounty's side, it will send back a click ID value in the #s2# token in the postback URL, that we will set up in a moment. Then, and only then, a conversion will be recorded in Voluum. Passing back a click ID value that has been attached to an original visit ensures that only correct conversions will be recorded.

    You can pass additional information to an affiliate network platform if you want by providing other Voluum token names in the remaining Sub ID fields, but this is optional. Passing a click ID value to an affiliate network platform is required for conversion tracking.

  6. Click the Apply SUB IDs button.

  7. Postbacks: In the Postbacks section select the URL (any campaign tracking type) option from the Postback Type drop-down menu and paste the copied postback URL into the Postback Code text field below. Your postback URL should look like this:


    Replace the word REPLACE next to the cid parameter name with the following text string: #S2#. Replace the word OPTIONAL next to the payout parameter name with the following text string: #RATE#. Delete the last part of the link. Your edited postback URL should look like this:


    With these alterations you have made sure that MaxBounty will pass back the click ID value in the #s2# token that was originally passed in an offer URL. And with this value it will also pass a payout value in the #RATE# parameter name, so the amount of money that MaxBounty will pay you.

  8. Click the Save pixel button.

  9. Copy your tracking link to the clipboard by clicking the Copy button. Your tracking link, that you will submit to Voluum as an offer URL, should look like this:


    Verify that you see the s2={clickid} parameter added at the end of this link.


That was a long step, wasn't it? But the most difficult part is behind you. You have just learned how to set up an offer and postback URL. For now, you can take some rest. You can access and copy an offer URL anytime later if you decide to finish for today.


Ready to proceed to the next step? Click the image on the right.