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Pass Information to an Affiliate Network

If you need, you can pass any information captured by Voluum to an offer, and then, to the affiliate network. To do so, you need to use Voluum parameters that hold this information as tokens that you pair with affiliate network's parameters in an offer URL. To learn more about adding an offer element, read the Creating an Offer Element article.


Right now, you have the information about a creative stored in the Voluum's var1 variable. In the example below, an affiliate network's s5 parameter is used to pass information stored in Voluum's var1 variable.


Upon clicking the offer URL, the tokens will be replaced with values stored in Voluum. Clicked offer URL will look like this:


You can pass other information to your affiliate network's platform, including one that was not passed originally from a traffic source, but were derived from a visitor's user agent by Voluum. You can find available Voluum tokens below an offer URL in the Offer  form.


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