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Olimob and Voluum

Olimob is an affiliate network platform with a selection of mobile and desktop offers from various verticals. They use the CPA model for payments. You can easily set up tracking of their offers with Voluum with the help of this guide.

This guide uses the Offers Marketplace feature to find and set up offers in Voluum. Olimob is fully integrated with Offers Marketplace, which means that you can browse and apply for their offers without ever leaving Voluum.

Table of Contents
Before You Start

Before you proceed with the instructions from this guide, make sure that you have the following:

  • An active Voluum account.

  • An active Olimob account.

  • (Recommended) An SSL certificate enabled on your Voluum domain.

Once you have everything prepared, you can proceed to the next part of this guide.

I. Add an Affiliate Network Element to Voluum

In this step we add an affiliate network that will automatically add correct tracking tokens to each offer that is associated with Olimob. In order to do so, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to the Affiliate networks tab.

  2. Click the Create button and select the Affiliate network option from the drop-down menu.

  3. Select the Olimob template.

  4. Click the Next button.

  5. Click the Copy button next to the postback URL to copy it to the clipboard.

  6. Click the Save button.

II. Submit a postback URL to Olimob

The second thing you need to do is to submit a postback URL to Olimob, so they can report conversions back to Voluum. In order to do so, perform the following steps:

  1. In Olimob, click the cogwheel_icon.png icon to go to Settings.

  2. In the Postback section paste the copied postback URL.


    Voluum Note: The postback URL that you have copied from Voluum is a non-secure one. If you have an SSL certificate enabled on your tracking domain, consider changing HTTP to HTTPS in the postback URL.

  3. Click the Save button.

III. Get an Offer From Olimob
  1. In Olimob, click the olimob4.png button to go to the list of offers.

  2. Use the filtering options to narrow down your search.

  3. Once you have located the offer you want to promote, click the Get link button.

  4. Click the Copy and close button.


You have now copied the offer URL to the clipboard.

IV. Add an Offer In Voluum

The last thing you need to do is to set up an offer in Voluum. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to Offers.

  2. Click the Create button and select the Offer option from a drop-down menu.

  3. Select the Olimob affiliate network from the Affiliate network drop-dfown menu,

  4. Provide a name for your offer in the Offer name text field.

  5. Paste the offer URL that you have copied from Olimob in the Offer URL text field.

  6. Copy the tracking parameter and add it at the end of the offer URL after the ? character.

  7. Click the Save button.


You can now use this offer in your campaign funnel in Voluum.

OliMob Tracking Tokens






Click ID




Transaction ID