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iGaming General Guide

The following document is a general guide that describes how to integrate a typical iGaming platform with the Voluum ad tracker. Detailed guides for the selected platforms are also available

Why Integrate with Voluum?

Voluum is an ad tracker for the digital marketing space. If you actively promote your iGaming platform using paid or organic efforts, you should be interested in optimizing your campaign funnels for maximum performance. Voluum allows you to analyze your audience in depths thanks to over 30 data points on each click and tune your funnels with features like automated A/B testing, rule-based paths, auto-rules & many more.

The setup
  1. Add an affiliate network to Voluum. This step is not mandatory but is still highly advised as it will make your work much easier in the future. Go to Affiliate Networks tab in Voluum and add a new template. You might use one of our pre-defined operators or add a CUSTOM one.



    Voluum Note: In order to add a custom iGaming operator, you need to find it’s documentation that contains supported tracking parameters (UTMs) and dynamic tokens (macros/placeholders). If they are not mentioned in the documentation, please ask your iGaming support/Account Manager.

  2. Add new offer to Voluum. The offer must be a URL, promoting an iGaming offer/campaign/feed. Depending on an operator, it might be found in various places, some examples provided below:

  3. In the offer creation window in Voluum, please make sure to choose a proper iGaming operator in the “Affiliate Network” drop-down list. This way your granular reporting will allow you to break down data by each iGaming operator separately. Also, you will get a simple reminder on how your offer URL should be modified to enable S2S postback URL conversion tracking:



    Voluum note: Each iGaming operator supports his own, predefined parameters and tokens. If you are not sure which ones you should use and how to provide them in the offer URL, please refer to the iGaming operator’s documentation.

  4. In the offer creation window, you will also receive your S2S postback URL template, which you must provide to the iGaming operator to track performance of your campaigns. If operator supports more than one action to be tracked, do not forget to set up custom conversions.


    Some iGaming operators allow you to paste your S2S postback URLs directly into the platform. Others require you to contact your Account Manager/Integrations Manager to enable postback for you. If you are not sure which option is available, contact iGaming support.

  5. You may now set up your desired Traffic Source and create a new Campaign in Voluum with the iGaming offer you have just added. Once you create a campaign, do not forget to submit your Voluum Campaign URL to your traffic source to start recordingyour performance.