Get Started


Learn how to track your affiliate offers with Voluum Ad Tracker with these step-by-step guides. Start your first affiliate campaign and optimize it.

Get Started Quick Guide Standard Guide

Welcome to the Get Started section. This section contains guides focused on helping beginner users to start their work with Voluum. By reading these guides you will learn how to set up, test, improve and optimize your campaign.

  • If you have just purchased Voluum, but don't know what do do next - this section is for you.

  • If you have never used tracker and you are new to the industry - this section is for you.

  • If you have used other trackers before, but not Voluum - this section is for you.

  • If you know something about the industry, but you have never set up a campaign in a traffic source platform or applied for an offer in an affiliate network platform - this section is still for you.

The guides come in a specific order:

  1. The FIRST guides in order are The Getting Started Guides

  2. The SECOND guide in order is The Testing Guide

  3. The THIRD guide in order is The Lander Guide

  4. The FOURTH guide in order is The Optimization Guide

The Getting Started Guides

  • Best for newcomers.

  • Shows how to set up a complete campaign funnel with recommended settings for beginners.

  • Describes all three platforms required for a working campaign: a tracking platform (Voluum), a traffic source platform (Zeropark), and an affiliate network platform (MaxBounty).

  • Consists of 3 steps.

  • Best for people that want to use their own offers, traffic sources and learn about more options during the set up process.

  • Describes a more complex campaign funnel, with a self-hosted landing page and a rule-based path.

  • Provides more explanations along the way.

  • Consists of 7 steps.

The Testing Guide


  • Teaches you how to generate a test conversion and how to recreate a visitor's journey.

  • Should be read to and applied to test each new campaign that you create.

  • Consists of 1 step.

The Lander Guide

  • Provides information on where to get landing pages from.

  • Tips and tools that allow you to improve your landing page's design and loading speed.

  • Should be read and applied if you want to use landing pages in your campaign funnels.

  • Consists of 1 step.

The Optimization Guide

  • Target specific traffic segments.

  • A/B test offers and landers.

  • Redirect traffic based on visitor characteristics.

  • Should be read after completing one of the Getting Started guides.

  • Consists of 3 steps.

The Scale Up Guide

  • Add elements in bulk

  • Divide your worloand among your co-workers

  • Handle conversion caps

  • Automatically change domain names in click URLs

  • Consists of 3 steps