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A flow is a predefined set of campaign destination paths. Flows are unique because they make it possible to have a specific redirect mode for each individual path. Moreover, while setting up the campaign's destination you can either use the flow as a fixed set of destination paths or use the flow as a template where the set of the destination paths can be further edited.

In the flow you will find different types of paths that might be added:

  • Default paths: They do not have any traffic-targeting options. In other words, there are no rules applied to them. There is always at least one default path defined for the flow - Voluum adds the default path entity automatically, you only need to define the landers/offers for it. For the default paths, you can select only offers or both, landers and offers.

  • Rule-based paths: They enable traffic to be targeted to a particular destination based on specific criteria and values set.

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