Custom Traffic Source Postback URLs

With Voluum, you can get an insight not only how many conversions are fired and registered, but also what types of conversions are recorded. Moreover, if you need to pass this information to the traffic source because your payment differentiates depending on the conversion types, you can use the custom traffic source postback URLs paired with the already set (in Voluum) custom conversions. 

For example, you might pay different amounts of money to your traffic source for installing and activating an app, so you would like not only to store those registered events in Voluum, but also inform the traffic source what types of conversions you have in your reporting. In that case, the custom traffic source postback URLs per event type are the answer for your requirements and the following steps instruct you how to do it.

I. Create a Custom Conversion Event in Voluum

First of all, you need to create a custom conversion in Voluum. This gives you an opportunity to define multiple conversion types, so that you can register and see how many conversions of each type are registered in Voluum. This is particularly useful when an affiliate network differentiates your payment on the conversion type. If you haven't yet created the custom conversion in Voluum, go to the Custom Conversions guide where you can find detailed instructions on how to do that. 

II. Add the Custom Traffic Source Postback URL per Event Type

Once the custom conversion has been defined in Voluum, you can add the traffic source postback URL per event type to fire conversions and send this piece of information to the traffic source whenever each type of conversion is registered. To do so, follow the steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to the Campaigns view.

  2. Select the TRK Advanced campaign from the drop-down menu or edit one in the advanced form.

  3. In the GENERAL tab of the campaign scroll down and click the Conversion reporting to traffic source section. The section expands.

  4. Go to the Traffic source postback URL per event type setting and click the Add event button. Add as many events as you want to have custom traffic source URL postbacks.

  5. Select the previously defined custom conversion event from the drop-down menu.

  6. Provide traffic postback URLs that your traffic source delivers to track the custom conversions for your campaigns. It will fire postback URL specific for each event type back to your traffic source.


    Voluum Info: If you need, you can add parameters with corresponding tokens to the URL. All Voluum custom traffic source postback URLs can contain adequate parameters with their tokens. To learn more, go to the Traffic Source Postback URL article.

  7. Provide additional settings for this campaign and click the Save button.