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Collaboration Tools: Use Cases

Below you can find the most common business use cases and how Collaboration Tools can be a solution to them. Click each use case to expand the description and find out more.

Use case 1: Categorizing elements into verticals

I run many campaigns of different verticals, each of them has its own offers. When I create a campaign of a certain vertical, I want to see only relevant offers to be on the list as it’s important to me to select a correct offer.

Use case 2: Collaborating with a freelancer or agency

I want to hire a freelancer/agency/special affiliate to help me with one of my campaigns, but not let them see my other campaigns.

Use case 3: Write access for media buyers

Me and my partner work with media buyers, and in that model, I would require:

  • A write access for my media buyers to specific campaigns to let them see in real-time which campaigns are working and by how much.

  • A consolidated report for offers they promote.

  • Access for my partner to all the campaigns in an account, so we can manage the media buyers performance together.

Use Case 4: Collaborating on private and shared campaign's elements

I have two media buyers, each of them works on their own campaigns, but there are few campaigns they run together. I want them to have write access only to the campaigns they manage, so they cannot see each other private campaigns.

Use case 5: Creating an ad network in Voluum

I want to create an ad network with Voluum: give publishers access to the data without the ability to change anything in my current setup in Voluum and let in also some advertisers, but with access only to particular campaigns.

Use case 6: Creating an affiliate network in Voluum

I want to create an affiliate network with Voluum: give my Account Managers access to the campaigns they manage and my affiliates access to the report with offers' performance.

Use case 7: Reconciling the financial data

I want to share my data with my finance team, but I don't want them to change anything.

Use case 8: Performance overview

I want my media buyers to have access to some stats that I store in Voluum, so they can see which campaigns are performing well and by how much.

Use case 9: Comparing the data

Our partners's tracking system shows different data than in our reports, so I want to compare my stats with the results they present.

Use case 10: Testing basic settings

My IT personnel uses Voluum API and they need a read-only access to the basic stats for testing purposes.

Use case 11: Access for clients

We are buying traffic on behalf on our clients and we want to allow clients to view their campaign's performance data.