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Tracking Clickdealer Offers with Voluum

Voluum TRK Tracking Integrations Clickdealer

Clickdealer provides offers from a wide variety of verticals. Their focus is on convenience, risk-reduction and the ease of use. Tracking their offers with Voluum takes just a few clicks and you will learn how to do that from this guide.

Table of Contents

Before You Start

Before you go any deeper, make sure you have the following:

  • An active Clickdealer account.

  • An active Voluum account.

Having those two allows you to do things described here while you read about them. That will make everything even easier. So, sign in to both accounts, find yourself a quiet place, 15 minutes of peace, and here we go!

I. Get an Offer From Clickdealer

At first you need to get an offer, so you will be able to promote it in your traffic source platform. To do so, do the following:

  1. Browse and apply for an offer

    1. In Clickdealer, click the Offers option in the menu on the left and then select the Browse offers option.

    2. Change any filtering criteria, if needed.

    3. Select the offer you want to promote by clicking on it. The offer's detail view will appear.

    4. Tick the box next to the I agree text.

    5. Click the Apply for offer button.

    6. Select the traffic type that you will use to promote your offer from the Media type drop-down menu.

    7. (Optionally) Provide any notes regarding your campaign.

    8. Click the Apply button.


    You have now applied for an offer. This offer is visible in the Pending campaigns view. Once it is approved, it will appear in the My campaigns view.

  2. Setup an offer

    In this part you will configure an offer link.

    1. In Clickdealer, go to the My campaigns view.

    2. Click on the offer that you have applied for. The offer details view will appear.

    3. In the offer details view scroll down to the Get tracking links section and select the creative that you want to use from the Creatives drop-down menu.

    4. Provide the Voluum's {clickid} token in the SUB ID2 text field. This will create the parameter_name={token} pair. Those pairs are used to pass various information through HTTPS requests, where:

      • parameter_name is a name that describes a value that it passes and it is specific for a target platform (Clickdealer in this case). Clickdealer uses s2 parameter name to get the unique visit identifier, that is the Voluum's click ID.

      • {token} is an automatically replaceable placeholder that is used to pass values described in the parameter name. I is specific for a source platform (Voluum in this case). Voluum uses the {clickid} token to pass a click ID value to an affiliate network.

      Once you provide the {clickid} token to the SUB ID2 text field, the s2={clickid} parameter will be added to an offer link. Each time an offer link is activated, Voluum will replace the token with a concrete click ID value, and Clickdealer will receive it. When a conversion occurs, Clickdealer will be able to send the click ID value back to Voluum in the postback URL. Then Voluum will match this value with the original visit and register this as a conversion.

    5. (Optionally) Provide other Voluum tokens into the SUB ID3, SUB ID4 and SUB ID5 text fields if you want to pass additional information.

    6. Click the Copy URL to clipboard button.


    With the offer URL in the clipboard you can now go to Voluum and set up an offer there.

II. Add an Offer in Voluum

In order to add an offer element to Voluum, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to the Offers tab.

  2. Click the New offers button.

  3. In the New offer form provide the name of your offer.

  4. Paste the copied offer URL from Clickdealer in the Offer URL text field.

  5. As Clickdealer supports dynamic payout tokens that can be included in the postback URL, select the Auto radio button in the Payout section.

  6. Click the Copy button next to the postback URL to copy it to clipboard. Postback settings are described in the last part of this guide.

  7. Once you have provided any additional options that suit your needs, click the Save button.


You have now correctly added an offer element in Voluum. You can use this element in your campaign funnels. The last thing to do is to configure the postback settings, so conversions can be reported to Voluum. Read the last, third part of this guide to learn how to do that.

III. Configure Postback Settings

Postbacks are used to pass information about conversions that have occurred on an affiliate network platform's side. You have already copied a template of Voluum's postback URL to the clipboard while you were creating an offer element. You now have to edit it to include Clickdealer's token that stores a click ID value and Clickdealer's payout token for automatic payout tracking, and finally submit the edited postback URL to Clickdealer. In order to do that, perform the following steps:

  1. In Clickdealer, go to the Tools option in the menu on the left and then select the Global postback option.

  2. Paste the copied postback URL into the Global S2S postback URL text field. Your postback URL looks like this:


    If you have an SSL certificate enabled on your account, which is highly recommended, you need to change HTTP to HTTPS in this link. Read the Enabling SSL for a Dedicated Domain article to learn more.

    Replace the following text strings:

    • Replace the word REPLACE with Clickdealer's token that stores and passes a click ID value. This token is #s2#.

    • Replace the word OPTIONAL next to the payout parameter name with Clickdealer's token used to pass information about payouts. This token is #price#.

    • (Optional) If you want to track subsequent conversions, replace the word OPTIONAL next to the txid parameter name with Clickdealer's token used to uniquely identify a transaction . This token is #tid#. Read the Upselling: Registering Multiple Conversions per clickid article to learn more.

    Your edited postback URL should look like this:

  3. Click the Save button.



Voluum Note: Testing your postback via the build in testing tool in Clickdealer will not work because Voluum rejects all postback request that do not contain a valid click ID value. And this tool is not able to generate one because this value is specific for Voluum. To test your postback settings and your whole campaign funnel, you must follow the visitor's journey from a campaign URL to a postback URL. Read the Step 4: Testing Your Campaign article to learn more.

You have now completed all necessary steps to make Voluum and Clickdealer work together.