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Analyze Reports

Welcome to the reports section of the documentation. In here you will learn how to create informative and clear reports and what the common reports types are. Go through the list of topics below to select the best match for you.

Why Reports?

A report is any set of meaningful data that you define. They may be very general. For example, a list of all your active campaigns with date range set to today is a report. Another example would be the list of offers from the last week, sorted from the most to least profitable ones. They both provide important information about the current situation.

But reports can show so much more. After all, they are the whole reason for recording data that flows to Voluum. Reports can be more detailed and specific. Creating a report is like conducting an investigation: To answer your question (for example, "What device type was the most profitable yesterday in India in my Sample Campaign?") you need to define the actors (Sample Campaign, countries, devices) and then look for an answer with various tools and options (groupings, drill-downs). Your final report will be:

  1. a specific report

  2. for yesterday

  3. for the Sample Campaign,

  4. drilled-down to India

  5. with 'Device Types' set as a grouping

  6. and sorted by profit.


In the example above, the answer to our question about the device type is 'Desktop'. That's the outcome of our investigation.

What You May Learn From Reports

At least half of your work as an affiliate will be analyzing reports. They are essential to any optimization efforts. Below, there are some sample answers you may learn from analyzing reports. Click on one to learn how to create a report and find the answer:

Once you create a report, there is still so much to do to make your work easier. You can:

Create a custom notificationCustom Notifications

Bookmark your report

Share your report

Export data to CSV

Create a custom notification that is based on your report with just a few clicks.

Click the star icon on the specific report tab to save your report and have it at hand each time you sign in to Voluum

Share your automatically updating report with outside parties by sending a special link.

Export data that you have outlined in your report to a CSV file.

I. Get Started With Reports

Interested in mastering reports? The set of documents below describes options used in the examples above in more detail.

III. Optimization: Best Practices

The following set of articles gives you hints, tips, and tricks about setting up and maintaining a profitable campaign. Treat them as general suggestions, not as a strict rule book that you need to follow by the letter. The things that distinguish a great affiliate marketer from simply good ones is not the knowledge of different features and options, but understanding WHY and HOW campaigns work and WHAT does this person's audience respond to.

Frequently Asked Questions