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Bulk Import in Voluum

To quickly and efficiently add and edit offers or landers, Voluum delivers a bulk import feature. To go one step further, you can also update many campaigns at once to speed up the process to the greatest extent possible. With a few clicks, you can add or update up to 250 entities with different properties. Bulk import is based on the CSV data format, so you can update all items in a convenient way working locally on your machine and using your favorite CSV editor. Once it is finished, upload the data to Voluum in a second. Do you need to change only some of those entities? Make your changes at once exporting the data only for selected items.

Adding Offers / Landers in Bulk

  • Import New Offers

    If you need to import many offers to Voluum, the fastest way of doing this is uploading them in bulk. The idea is very simple: you prepare a CSV file with your offers according to the provided Voluum's pattern and upload it to the Voluum platform. Nothing more. Below you can find a link to a step-by-step guide presenting how to import new offers and how the CSV file should look like.

    Bulk Import: Creating New Offers in VoluumBulk Import: Creating New Offers in Voluum

  • Import New Landers

    Save yourself time and stop adding items to Voluum manually. If you have already imported new offers, you can easily jump to Landers entities and upload them promptly. Bulk import enables you to manage the landers with all their properties making this process not only quick but also flexible.

    Bulk Import: Adding New Landers to VoluumBulk Import: Adding New Landers to Voluum

Editing (All or Selected) Offers / Landers in Bulk

  • Import Editet Offers

    Have you already added offers to Voluum, but you want to update them as fast as possible to adjust them to your business needs? To do it conveniently, sign in to Voluum, go to the Offers view and find the Bulk actions button. The bulk import feature for the existing offers allows you to extract all or selected offers at once, modify all the properties, and next upload them in sets of 250 offers per file. Take a look at the instruction below and find out how to boost your updates productively.

    Bulk Import: Modifying Offers in Voluum

  • Import Edited Landers

    You may want to edit many items at once in Voluum. Not only offers but also landers. As a part of the bulk import feature, you can update Voluum's landers changing their names, URLs, country property, or assigning to them relevant tags. It means that you can edit all of the lander's properties except a number of offers. Immediately.


Updating (All or Selected) Campaigns in Bulk

  • Import Editet Campaigns

    Appetite for more? If you run your campaigns already, save your time and money and start modifying the campaigns in bulk. In three simple steps you can change the campaigns' properties and apply those changes to Voluum. No need to do the work manually. Click the link below and check how quick the process is.

    Bulk Import: Updating Campaigns in Voluum


  1. Bulk import is based on CSV files that you are supposed to upload to Voluum, therefore you need to have an editor to be able to modify the CSV file. There are many such editors on the market, so you can use the one that works best for you.

  2. You need to have basic knowledge of CSV files: you need to know how to modify the CSV file to prepare data according to the template offered by Voluum.

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