Voluum Documentation

Use Advanced Features

One of Voluum's key strengths is its variety of advanced features that meet most of the business needs that you might have, even uncommon ones. Having already familiarized yourself with what Voluum has to offer in its standard scope of features, go through and discover, how Voluum advanced features can help you with:

  • Detecting invalid traffic with the Anti-Fraud Kit Feature. Read the Anti-Fraud-Kit: Overview article to learn more.

  • Adding or editing multiple elements in bulk. Read the Bulk Actions article to learn more.

  • Organizing your workflow with the Collaboration Tools feature. Read the Collaboration Tools article to learn more.

  • Limiting a number of conversions for a single offer and redirect traffic to a different offer. Read the Conversion Cap article to learn more.

  • Uploading or correcting recorded conversions. Read the Conversion Upload article to learn more.

  • Distinguishing between different conversion types with the Custom Conversion feature. Read the Custom Conversions article to learn more.

  • Passing information about custom conversions back to your traffic source. Read the Custom Traffic Source Postback URLs article to learn more.

  • Displaying dynamic content on your landing page based on visitor's characteristics. Read the Dynamic Call-Outs article to learn more.

  • Using different domain names in your campaign funnels by dynamically building click URLs with various domain names. Read the Dynamic Click URLs with a Domain Name article to learn more.

  • Being compliant with various privacy law frameworks by anonymizing IP addresses. Read the General Settings: IP Anonymization article to learn more.

  • Protecting your landing page against various spying tools with the Lander Protection Script feature. Read the Lander Protection Script article to learn more.

  • Veryfing the landing page setup with the Lander Scanning Tool. Read the Lander Scanning Tool article to learn more.

  • Display two-step landers to a visitor using Listicles. Read the Listicle Tracking article to learn more.

  • Modifying campaign cost in Voluum. Read the Manual Cost Update article to learn more.

  • Displaying several landers to a visitor using various workarounds. Read the Multi-Step Landers article to learn more/

  • Being constantly up-to-date by having a notification pop-up displayed whenever an event you define occurs. Read the Notifications: Overview article to learn more.

  • Predicting which offers convert more likely and what the expected results might be. Read the Optimization Calculator article to learn more.

  • Re-routing your traffic using your own server with set rules and conditions. Read the Redirect Webhook article to learn more.

  • Automatic adjustments of weights for offers, landers and paths with Traffic Distribution AI: Overview

  • Getting raw visit data in a form of a CSV file. Read the Traffic Log: Overview article to learn more.

  • Tracking subsequent conversions that will allow you to monitor your customers' LTV. Read the Upselling: Tracking Subsequent Conversions article to learn more.

  • Always having your campaign data at arms' reach with the Voluum Mobile Application. Read the Voluum Mobile Application: Overview article to learn more.