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Advanced Tracking

There are many aspects of advanced tracking, but the most important one are related to using alternative ways of tracking and customizing tracking options.

  • The Direct Tracking Pixel feature proposes different tracking method than the commonly known one, that uses redirects to track traffic. Direct Tracking Pixel does not require an initial redirect to track data. This allows you to use tracking in traffic sources that block the redirect and also to track organic traffic.

  • Not all conversions are equal; some of them might be more profitable and desirable than others. The Custom Conversions feature allows you to differentiate between conversion types in your reports, what allows you to identify more accurately the most profitable visitors.

  • If you expect that subsequent conversions from a single visitor (upsells) might occur, you might want to set up your conversion tracking in a way that allows you to track those conversions, even when they have the same click ID. Using an additional parameter, txid  will enable you to to track not only a payout from a single visitor's conversion, but the whole visitor's lifetime value.

  • If your traffic source platform allows you to send different postbacks corresponding to different conversion types, set up Voluum accordingly and have a complete set of information in both platforms. This can be applicable, if you use the Custom Conversion feature.

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